This Autarky Ford F-450 Ambulance Is a Sneaky-Good EarthRoamer Replacement

Campers come in all shapes/sizes. This is one of the things that draws so many to the RV/camper thing. There is a free pass to customize and fabricate to your heart’s content. Whatever your rig needs to be, you can make it; all you need is a good strong platform, like a Ford F-450 ambulance, and the rest is up to you.

This is a platform we don’t tend to see all that often. There are so many versions and configurations, making this a truly great camper platform. This V3 model Ford F-450 from Autarky Expedition Vehicles is a doozy of a camper that competes with EarthRoamer for a fraction of the cost.

Can you convert an ambulance into a camper?

Ford F-450 Ambulance Conversion camper that is as good and much cheaper than an EarthRoamer
Autarky V3 Ford F-450 Ambulance conversion camper | Expedition Portal

The boxy and roomy rear of most ambulances is a clear winning platform for campers. This 2003 Ford F-450 ambulance camper was spotted by the folks at Expedition Portal in Denver, Colorado, and it shows how much potential the ambulance platform has. 

Is there something like the EarthRoamer but cheaper?

Yep. This camper would scratch the EarthRoamer itch for far less money. A 6-liter Powerstroke Diesel engine powers this 2003 Ford F-450 base. It was recently rebuilt by the folks over at McDiesels of Reno and Tuned By Desert Diesel of Phoenix. These engine rebuilds come with a 30,000-mile, 3-year warranty. 

Custom-built Ford F-450 Ambulance conversion camper | Expedition Portal
Autarky V3 Ford Ambulance conversion camper | Expedition Portal

The V3 is insulated so that it can roam the Earth for all-four seasons, no problem. The interior of the living cabin has a height of 5 ft, 10 inches. Many folks can stand up no problem, but some would have to hunch a bit. 

It has been outfitted with everything you would expect from an EarthRoamer-type vehicle, a fridge/freezer, induction cooktop, shower stall, toilet, and a slightly larger than queen-sized bed. This thing has it all. 

Not only is it stake with features it’s nearly as luxurious as the EarthRoamer

If all the gear weren’t enough, the builder shows the true lux potential with the mix of bamboo, aluminum, maple, birch, and teak interior accents and build materials. He also built the Ambu-camper with a serious solar-power system complete with a 3,000-watt AC converter and a 300 amp-hour lithium Battle Born battery bank with 640 watts of roof-mounted solar panels. 

Custom-built Ford F-450 Ambulance conversion camper | Expedition Portal
Autarky V3 F-450 Ambulance conversion camper | Expedition Portal

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The Ford F-450 has some serious upgrades 

This home on wheels has an extensive list of upgrades. Strap in because this might take a minute. The builder set this truck up with Atlas 4 inches over stock Expedition Pack custom-built leaf springs in the front and rear. It also has a Dana 60 front axle with Dana 130 rear, Buckstop Designs super single lift components, and Icon 2.0 custom valved shocks. The truck rolls on 20-in wheels wearing 41-in rubber. Not to be forgotten is the custom-fabricated rear sway bar from Peavine Motorsports, and the front has a Hellwig sway bar with extended links. 

Aside from the performance upgrades, the builder has made all the necessary changes to hold plenty of water, redundant power systems, insulation, and redundant heating and cooling systems. This thing really offers the EarthRoamer experience at nearly one-third of the cost.

The owner/builder is selling this rig for $155,000. That is nothing to shake a stick at, but it is far from the nearly half-million dollars it takes to get into a base-model EarthRoamer. Skip the EarthRoamer and build the camper you want and need out of an old ambulance for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about Autarky Expedition Vehicles check them out here.