This Ford F-350 Tipped Over With Dogs Inside

A massive Ford F-350 truck tipped over the side of a bridge and dangled in the air before the family inside was rescued. A couple and their two dogs almost met a disastrous fate, but luckily their Ford F-350 didn’t fall into a deep canyon in the gorge. 

A Ford F-350 hauling an RV almost took a tumble 

According to People, two Idaho residents and their dogs were rescued from a disastrous situation after their Ford F-350 tumbled over a bridge. The bridge is suspended over a deep canyon in the Malad Gorge. 

The incident occurred on the eastbound lane of Interstate 84 around milepost 146. The driver of the 2004 F-350 was pulling a 30-foot camper when he lost control. The truck swerved and hit the right barrier, then went to the left and tipped over the guardrail. 

Ford F-350 dangling over bridge
Ford F-350 dangling over bridge | Idaho State Police

Luckily the male driver, female passenger, and their two dogs didn’t plummet about 100 feet to the ground. Instead, the safety chain that attached the truck to the camper kept them from falling. 

The man and woman were found wearing their seatbelts. They were alert and didn’t suffer any serious injuries. A state trooper, Gooding County Sheriff’s Deputy, and ISP Deputy were quick to react. They borrowed additional chains from a semi-truck and attached them to the F-350 to keep it in place until safety crews could arrive. 

Members of the rescue crew rappeled down the bridge to pull the passengers and their small dogs to safety. The woman was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and her condition is unknown. An ISP trooper took the dogs to a family member’s home nearby. 

Are trucks safe for dogs? 

It’s great that the couple was successfully rescued from their Ford F-350, but this provides an opportunity to talk about dog safety. We know that as spring arrives, more people will be traveling with their floofy best friends, so here are some safety tips. 

According to Pet’s Clinic, the American Humane Society estimated that over 100,000 dogs are killed each year while riding in truck beds. If your dog has to ride in the bed of your truck, don’t use a leash to secure them.

They could get strangled when tossed or bumped over the side. It’s best to place your dog inside a crate if they ride in the bed. Make sure the crate is securely attached to the walls of the truck bed so it can slide or be tossed from the truck. 

For traveling inside a vehicle, like the Ford F-350 or car, you can get a dog seat belt or their own dog car harness. This will help protect them in an accident. Also, dog seat belts or barriers will keep them from wandering into your lap or under your feet. A travel crate can also help your dog remain safe and comfortable during travel. 

Is the Ford F-350 safe? 

Maybe. The Ford F-350 hasn’t been tested by the NHSTA or IIHS for official safety crash ratings yet. However, the Ford F-250 is a similar model, and it received four out of five stars. This is a pretty good score. 

The 2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck driving down the road
2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty | Ford

Never Buy a Used Ford F-350 From These Model Years

But the heavier a truck is, the harder it is to control. We aren’t sure how heavy the 30-foot camper that the couple hauling was. However, if it kept the F-350 suspended in the air, it must have been hefty. Be sure to slow down and take your time while pulling an RV. They can make it much harder to stop and maintain control.