This Fake Ferrari Looks Exactly Like the 2020 Corvette-What?

Admit it. If you’ve seen the new 2020 Corvette in the wild and you only got a glance you might mistake it for a 488 or Tributo Ferrari. Factor in painted red and with those yellow prancing horse Ferrari logos and it is unmistakenly a Ferrari. Except when it isn’t. Yes, this Ferrari looks like the 2020 Corvette because it is. 

Some jokesters at DailyDrivenExotics thought the new Corvette looks enough like a Ferrari to make the logo switches and compare it to a LaFerrari in this video. Just a friendly joke among car enthusiasts-no harm intended. But parked in a parking lot someone took photos and posted them on CorvetteForum where all hell has broken loose.

Either Corvette owners have no humor or the troll was not identified. Either way, these images are scorching around the interweb very upset at what they are seeing. The background of the whole scam has been lost. To the Johnny-come-lately, it looks like someone is legit trying to pass off a new Corvette as a Ferrari. 

The funniest part of this is that Ferrari has no sense of humor

Maybe the funniest part of this is that Ferrari has no sense of humor. Period. When things like this pop up it is a mad dog about cease-and-desist letters. It is ruthless in protecting the Ferrari image and trademark and this type of thing, joke or not, is definitely not a joke to Ferrari.

The Corvette was relieved of its Ferrari branding soon after the parking lot images were taken. So Ferrari doesn’t have to worry about it showing up at next week’s Cars and Coffee. But the mileage the images are getting around the web means that millions are seeing it. What is Ferrari to do? 

Fake Ferrari | Corvetteforum

Ferrari Owner Claims Company Threatened Legal Action Over Instagram Posts

Ferrari does not allow anyone to use its name or branding without its permission

According to past infractions, Ferrari does not allow anyone to use its name or branding without its permission. Obviously, the clowns that created the video didn’t go for that Ferrari approval. So, are they in a tough spot? Does Ferrari have any clout over their actions? We think they actually might, in spite of not seeing it their way ourselves. 

Because there are those seriously commenting shows that it is being accepted in a way that damages Ferrari’s brand. If something like this could be proven in a court of law then who knows what damages might be levied on the jokesters making the video. Whether intent to damage the Ferrari brand can be shown is another matter. 

With Ferrari’s zeal to go after those, it sees as damaging its brand we won’t be surprised if the next chapter is already in the works. If this gets more traction we’ll bring you the latest on the fireworks.