This Fake 911 GT3 RS Didn’t Even Start As A 911

Yes, this looks like a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. And it is all, real, Porsche-at least under the skin. But it’s not a GT3 RS, and in fact, it isn’t even a pedestrian 911. Instead, it started from the Porsche factory as a Boxster. It’s a 986 generation Porsche Boxster. 

Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster rear 3/4 view
Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster | Facebook

Every fake Porsche body panel has been replaced with 911-like pieces

The owner and builder Paul Lucas says that it is a “body conversion.” Every body panel has been replaced with 911-like pieces except for the doors. He also had to recreate all of the aero pieces as well as the RS body kit. And he had to fabricate a new hard top for the convertible Boxster. 

Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster under construction
Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster | Facebook

Remember that the basis for the Boxster is the original 911. You can see it in the outline of the doors and the dash. It was a way for Porsche to launch an entirely new model without having to develop an entirely new platform. 

Lucas posted these images on the Modified Porsches Facebook group. Besides the big stuff, Lucas also has an eye for detail. The dash cover has been replaced with a 997 generation 911 cover. And the “GT3 RS” on the rear trunk pushes the GT# RS ruse, even though reports say Lucas is not shy about his 911’s origins. 

The fake Porsche mimics the actual 911 GT3 RS

real Porsche 911 GT# RS
A Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 sports car, taken on November 15, 2019 | Getty

He told Hotcars, “I love cars and DIY/home improvements so I combined both passions. I’ve never been one for speed/racing, so for me, it is more about the looks, but underneath the car is a Porsche, so it isn’t that bad.” Inside it runs BC coil-overs and air ride in the front to control the height of the front end. This mimics what the actual 911 GT3 RS features. It allows for speed bump clearance. Large front brakes were adapted and are visible through the 20-inch alloy wheels. 

Power is from a stock 2.7-liter flat-six hooked to a five-speed manual transmission. It punches out 236 hp. That’s shy of the GT3 RS’s almost 500 hp, but that’s not the point. Plus, Lucas’s Boxster 911 weighs less than the real thing, so this raised the power-to-weight ratio. 

Lucas tore the Boxster down pretty far

Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster fake front clip
Fake 911 GT3 RS from Boxster | Facebook

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From the shots of the interior, you can see he tore the Boxster down pretty far. But he’s used to dismantling cars as this isn’t his first replica rodeo. Lucas has previously created a Ferrari F430 from a Toyota MR2. And he also did a previous 911 GT3 from a first-gen Boxster. 

“I am self-taught, work in an office, and this is just my hobby,” he continued. “I do not intend to fool anyone. If they ask, I tell them. That is the rule, but I will be honest—when they do find out that it is home-built and not real, they like it even more.”