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Considered a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla has teased its yet-to-be-revealed pickup truck and semi-truck. Now, another company is hinting that it will produce rival vehicles. Based in California, the startup company Neuron recently revealed that it plans to manufacture its own semi-truck and electric utility vehicle.

Could Neuron actually give Tesla a run for its money? Not many details are available at the moment, but here is what we do know about the upcoming T/One pickup and Torq semi.

About the Neuron T/One

Neuron claims that the T/One is an Electric Utility Vehicle or EUV that is built on a modular platform. Its electric powertrain is designed to increase the amount of interior space. The T/One’s body construction will apparently allow certain components to be switched out as well.

According to Robb Report, the T/One as well as Neuron’s semi-truck Torq are both “modular vehicles.” This means that they have a basic frame and cabin that allow exterior parts to become interchangeable.

Accordingly, buyers can change the vehicle’s appearance to better suit them. The interchangeable body concept is something that Neuron has already introduced on two of its other concepts, the Met and the Star.

Battery and charging

The company did not provide many details about the EUV’s battery construction, range, or other features. However, it did announce that the T/One would contain a solar panel in its bed cover, which will likely assist with charging. The actual battery itself can also be switched out in order to increase the vehicle’s driving range.

Neuron features

Tesla’s upcoming semi-truck will feature a central driving position. At the Shanghai Import Expo in China, Neuron also announced that its T/One, as well as its semi truck Torq, would both have a central driving position. Both of Neuron’s releases will feature sleek, aerodynamic windshields, a smooth body, and relatively short front hoods.

The interior features will allow drivers to complete control everything through only a touch-screen panel. The T/One and Torq will not contain any knobs or other controls whatsoever.

Getting ahead of Tesla’s truck

While Neuron may not have released many details about its T/One, the company did, however, manage to get some attention. As the Robb Report noted, by revealing the T/One and Torq at the Shanghai Import Expo, the company essentially “beat Tesla to the punch.”

Indeed, they may have taken some of the wind out of Tesla’s sails in doing so. Tesla was originally slated to debut its truck during the summer of 2019. It was later forced to push pushed that deadline back to October 2019 and then late November 2019.

Desire to compete

The Robb Report also claimed that Neuron’s vehicles “make clear that Neuron has Tesla and its future lineup of electric trucks in its sights.” And while they did not provide many details, consumers still have more information about Neuron’s proposed semi-truck than they do Tesla’s. This is despite the fact that Tesla first unveiled its semi-truck more than two years ago.

It seems that Neuron made quite an impression with its recent unveiling. The question now becomes whether or not that excitement can continue.

Tesla’s truck vs. Neuron: Who will win?

Will Neuron become a solid competitor for the more-established Tesla brand? It’s still too early to tell, as neither one has actually released an electric pickup yet. In fact, Neuron is not able to say when its electric vehicles might go into production.

However, the company has also hinted at the possibility of an electric bus and even a construction-type vehicle. Since Neuron appears to be aiming high, we expect to see more from them in the near future.