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Pickup trucks can tow many things, but for some folks, they can tow around an entire home. Most travel trailers and similar concepts need a powerful vehicle to move them around, and for one couple, that vehicle was a Ram 2500. Here’s a look at how and why a couple decided to uproot themselves and live in a home towed around by their Ram 2500.

The front grille of a Ram 2500 on display at an auto show
A Ram 2500 at an auto show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Sophie & Jim’s story of a house on wheels

According to a story from Ram’s website, Sophie Alvarez has been bothered by a particular phrase ever since she was a young girl. Someone had told her that “The stuff you own owns you,” and she’s been thinking about what that phrase truly meant to her.

She and her husband, Jim, were, like many other outdoorsy people, more happy when they were in the great outdoors with few possessions to call their own. 

She wanted to live a minimalist life, a life where her possessions didn’t possess her. And, like she told Ram, her husband agreed with her, and in fact, he was the one who had the idea of building a new tiny home on a trailer that their Ram 2500 could tow around. He said to her, “It will be like camping every day. You’ll just have a slightly bigger backpack.”

After doing a lot of research and planning, they hired a team to build their dream tiny home. With their new home literally in tow, they happily drove around the country, exploring all the great things that the world had to offer. Like Sophie said, “Living small makes room for much bigger things.”

Why a Ram 2500 is the perfect truck for this

At the end of the day, pickup trucks were designed for towing heavy stuff around, so many other pickup trucks could’ve done the bare minimum and towed around the Alvarez’s tiny home.

That being said, the Ram 2500 is especially well-equipped for this job, as it provides many features and amenities that folks who are constantly on the road, like the Alvarez family, will want or need. 

For example, according to Car and Driver, the Ram 2500, when compared to its competitors, simply has the best ride quality as well as the best interior in the class.

Furthermore, Ram offers options that’ll allow buyers to upgrade their Ram 2500’s comfort qualities even more. That’s why Car and Driver said that the Ram 2500 had an “impressive ride quality” as well as the “plushest interiors.”

There are also plenty of high-tech features, such as a massive 12.0-inch touch screen infotainment system, that’ll make driving around in a Ram 2500 very entertaining. Since families like the Alvarez may be on the road for a long time, it’s important that they’re comfortable, and that’s exactly what the Ram 2500 excels at.

The Ram 2500 can tow quite well

But of course, the main reason why the Ram 2500 was such a good idea for this job was because it’s a heavy-duty truck that can tow a lot of stuff. The standard engine is quite powerful as is, as it’s a 6.4-liter V8 that gets 410-hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. However, for families like the Alvarez who want to tow around a tiny home, Ram has even more powerful engines.

The most powerful option available to the Ram 2500 is a 6.7-liter diesel that gets 370-hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. This diesel engine allows the Ram 2500 to carry around over 3,200-pounds of stuff in its truck bed and tow almost 16,900-pounds of stuff.

This powerful engine, when combined with the towing features that Ram offers on the truck, means that people can easily tow around whatever they need including their whole house.


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