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Once upon a time, very few people wanted to live off the grid. Instead, they would ride off for the city as soon as they were 18, to get away from the small-town life. That trend has begun to change, and now many people are living life on the road, or in some cases, the water. 

According to Exploring Alternatives, one couple is proving that you don’t have to live on land and work from nine to five. They’re sailing the world on their Catamaran sailboat and enjoying life to the fullest with their two dogs, Ozzy and Echo.

The sailboat they live on

After a lot of heartache and viewing boats such as a Lagoon 440 and a Lagoon 39 in Fort Lauderdale, the couple found the boat of their dreams. It was a 2008 Lagoon 420, that offered plenty of room for both them and their furry friends.

It comes complete with two 75 hp engines, so the couple isn’t completely reliant on the wind to get from place to place. The Catamaran also has two electric winches and two manual winches.

Inside are four cabins and bathrooms. The extra rooms are used to keep groceries and their adventure gear. The bathrooms not in use are also used for storage for things like laundry and dog food.  

The galley comes complete with two sinks, a refrigerator, freezer, an induction cooktop, oven, and dishwasher. This is where they’re able to cook meals before sitting down to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Everything is utilized to increase the space. The seats at the kitchen table are actually storage containers where dry goods are kept. The dining table can actually convert into a bed, where they can relax and watch TV on a large screen. This is also where the air conditioning unit is.

The boat comes complete with solar panels that power the boat. They are also able to turn the salt water into freshwater, meaning they don’t have to step foot on land unless they need groceries. There are also several tanks where they can keep fresh water. 

Life on the sailboat

Rather than taking a stroll through the park, Alejo and Andrea get their exercise by going kiteboarding. When there is no wind, they switch things up by going swimming, snorkeling, and taking long walks on the beach with their dogs.

The dogs took to life on the water very well. They enjoy swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach. They’re also able to take care of necessary business on a mat of artificial grass kept on the top deck. 

Alejo and Andrea found that life with dogs on the water, especially Akitas, wasn’t that easy. Ozzy and Echo tend to get sand in their paws that need to be cleaned out daily, and the thick fur can make a mess. Things were further complicated when Echo went blind a month before moving onto the boat, but she has managed very well. The dogs love their new life and are living it to the fullest just like their owners.

Things aren’t always fun and games, however. When something breaks, Alejo and Andrea can’t call a repairman to swing by and fix it in the morning. They have to do the repairs themselves. Sometimes this requires tossing on some snorkeling gear and diving in the water. At other times, it means crawling into tight spaces.

The weather is also a problem. While there are plenty of days when the seas are peaceful, there are also nights filled with crashing waves and punishing winds. Alejo and Andrea love their new life of sailing, however, and take it in stride.

Working from home has never been so fun

Alejo and Andrea started an online business called Mokai. It’s a pet supply chain that they started for $5,000. 

The couple stated they work from 9 to 12 and then take a break to go kiteboarding from 1-3. From 3 to 6, they get back to work, before taking time to relax before settling down for the night.

Their YouTube channel, Living Hakuna, also brings in money for the couple. It’s not quite as lucrative as Mokai, but it’s enough to help them continue living their nomadic lifestyle.

The biggest challenge from working on a sailboat is trying to find a strong wifi signal. Sadly, there isn’t much reception in the middle of the ocean, but Andrea and Alejo make it work. It’s worth it to them to have the freedom of living life their way.


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