This Car Will Ruin Lives

As long as people think for themselves, there will always be differences of opinions. One person may think a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is beautiful, while the person standing next to them may think that the same car is an oversized relic that makes them vomit a little bit. But, what can not be argued are facts. Facts are not subject to opinions. However, opinions can be made from facts. So, when a person says that a particular car will ruin people’s lives, we have to investigate to see if there are any facts that this thought is based on. The truth is, the facts do show that this particular car has ruined, and will continue to ruin people’s lives. It is not an opinion. It is a fact. It is on the road right now and it was probably in a crash today.

Deployed Driver Airbag
A deployed driver’s side airbag | Arno Burgi/picture alliance via Getty Images

The facts

The first fact is that car accidents shatter people’s peace of mind, damage vehicles, and possibly injure the occupants. The second fact is that not everybody that drives a car has car insurance. Third, is that if there is no insurance coverage, the likelihood of having someone pay for all the necessary repairs in cash is slim, or maybe even none. The fourth fact is that hospital visits get very costly very fast.

The car that ruins lives

The car that ruins lives is the car belonging to the uninsured driver that hits someone. The public is familiar with the story. Someone is driving along in their vehicle when a collision happens. It does not matter who is at fault. Someone will be left without the ability to take care of things properly because someone was not insured. It then becomes a hassle to make things, or a person’s health whole again. 

A crash test dummy and meets a deployed airbag
A crash test dummy and meets a deployed airbag | marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Some people still do it

In most states, it is illegal to drive a car without having insurance. The penalty could be a fine from several hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars, revocation of a driver’s license, or imprisonment. Yet, many people still do it. 

A real-world example

A pickup truck lost control and hit Roberta Arens. She ended up having to be airlifted to a hospital. The doctors had to replace both knees, a hip, and a wrist. The other driver was not insured. Guess who got the bills from the doctor? Holding back tears she says,

“I’m in pain almost every day. I’m crippled. It’s ruined my life,”


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Pedestrians are at risk too

An uninsured driver also causes trouble for pedestrians. Should an uninsured driver hit a pedestrian, the pedestrian is stuck paying the bills for the recovery, if they survive. That driver with no insurance may go to court, be found guilty, and become incarcerated. Still, in the meantime, the injured pedestrian is stuck rehabilitating and paying bills they did not have before the accident. 

If you are having trouble making ends meet and are considering dropping your insurance coverage, we all understand. Things have been tight for all of us at some point. But, do not cancel the insurance. No matter how good a driver you may be, accidents still happen. It is not worth it to go uninsured and pay the consequences physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Do not let something like a decision to go without car insurance haunt you for the rest of your life, because the facts say that the car that ruins lives over and over is the car of the uninsured.