This Camper Can be Towed by Most Cars and Take to the Sea

Life is all about choices. Where to live, what to drive, whether or not to have kids, and should you get a camper or a boat? These are all of the biggest questions life can throw at us (mostly the boat thing), right? Although the fine folks at Sealander can’t really help with the other questions, they can definitely help us answer the camper/boat question; both. 

That’s right. The Sealander is both a tow-behind camper and a water-going vessel. It looks and sounds a little silly, but it’s true. 

How does the Sealander camper work?

The German-made Sealander works like a normal tow-behind camper until you’re camping near water, that is. It is the definition of a flexible camper. Because of the Sealander’s lightweight, fiberglass hull, it is easily towed by most vehicles. 

Unlike so many other caravan campers and boats for that matter, the Sealander doesn’t require a giant and expensive truck. Sealander says that aside from the lightweight design being needed to float, the camper’s low weight was specifically designed to be pulled by smaller cars, so be more ecologically friendly. 

What is the Amphicamper made of?

Sealander Moored
Sealander Moored | Sealander

To make the Sealander live up to its name, its outer shell is made of fiberglass and reinforced plastic. It also incorporates a final layer of gel coating over the whole thing to give a high-quality and smooth finish to glide over the water smoothly.

The Sealander interior 

For such a small package, the german camper can hold up to six people inside. There are two benches on either side of a fold-out table where all six land sailors can hang. The front, back, and top of the camper can open up, allowing for great views and fresh air through the little transformer. 

Sealander camper interior
Sealander camper interior | Sealander

Upholstery, electronics, and gear outfitting have a wide variety of customizable options from both Sealander and third-party companies. 

Let’s talk about the “sea” part

Easily the coolest part of the camper is its ability to take to seas. Well, the open ocean is probably not recommended, but the lakes and rivers are perfectly navigable by the Sealander. The camper floats on its own with minimal setup. There is an outboard motor that can be attached to cruise around the lake in the tiny houseboat. 

Sealander camper sets sail
Sealander camper sets sail | Sealander

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The exterior ladder used to enter the camper on land turns into either railing or a grill stand while in the water. It also can fold down fully and serve as a way on and off the camper when in boat mode. 

Maybe the smartest part of the camper when in the water is that Sealander thought through the axel and undercarriage metal. The Sealander’s chassis is galvanized, and the hubs are fully encased in oil to prevent any rusting or other water damage. Smart, Sealander. Smart. 

The Sealander is one of a kind

This is such a cool idea. The versatility of having a car easily tow a camper and a boat, all in one, makes a weekend adventure explode with potential. The Sealander starts around $21,000. You’d be hard-pressed to find a brand-new camper or a boat for that money, and Sealander is offering us both in one. So cool.