This Brand-New Chevy Corvette C8 Arrived With an Unusual Mistake

Given all of the Chevy Corvette C8’s production setbacks, there are bound to be some mixups. However, one unlucky owner was shocked to see his brand-new Corvette have a painfully obvious mistake. According to a thread on Corvette Forums, the owner recounts specifically optioning his sports car with a specific color combination. Instead, he received a very strange-looking C8.

What’s wrong with this Chevy Corvette C8?

An image of a Chevy Corvette C8 at a dealership.
Chevy Corvette C8 | W1NSLOW C8 via Corvette Forum

If this Chevy Corvette C8 production defect hasn’t jumped out at you, pay close attention to the boomerang-style trim piece that connects the door and the rear quarter panel. The top half of the trim features the Carbon Flash Metallic option. The second half of the boomerang is finished in Torch Red, color-matched to the rest of the body. While a mixup like this could easily be remedied on most other models, the Corvette is a different story.

Chevy announced that the production line for the C8 Corvette had been shut down in early November due to COVID-19. By April of this year, Chevy had only managed to build around 2,695 C8’s thanks to the extensive UAW strike. The subsequent arrival of COVID-19 then killed the chances of the Corvette Convertible arriving sometime in 2020. With this recent mistake and how few cars have reached customers, parts availability is likely quite limited.

What about the other door?

An image of a Chevy Corvette C8 at a dealership.
Chevy Corvette C8 | W1NSLOW C8 via Corvette Forum

If messing up one Chevy Corvette C8 door wasn’t enough, this particular C8 had both of its doors mixed up. How both doors can be improperly assembled and sneak past quality control is a real mystery. According to the owner, the dealership is currently working with GM to fix the issue before the vehicle goes through its pre-delivery inspection. However, as mentioned earlier, finding spare parts could be tough.

Earlier this year, a Chevy Corvette C8 owner found a quality control list in the glovebox of their brand-new car, says Corvette Blogger. As a result, we got a glimpse of just how extensive the quality control list actually is. Since the list is so thorough, there may be another reasonable explanation of why the error happened. As of writing, Chevy has not issued a public statement regarding the mixup.

Could these be the mismatched doors?

An image of a Chevy Corvette C8 at a dealership.
Chevy Corvette C8 | KGS365 via Corvette Forum

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In a bit of a humorous twist, another user published a follow-up image in the same Corvette Forums thread of yet another mismatched Chevy Corvette C8. This time, the top trim features Tord Red, while the second half is contrasting. While the second car owner didn’t officially chime in, it seems to be the exact opposite mistake of the first owner we covered.

A likely scenario is that the issues occurred as the assembly worker installed the doors onto the body. During assembly, vital components typically have plastic shields to protect them from scratches. Perhaps these obstructed the color mistake, and the factory workers weren’t able to spot the difference.

Thankfully for the owners of these brand-new cars, the issue is easily fixable once the proper parts arrive. Additionally, the first owner we covered reported the dealership actively working to solve the issue. Hopefully, it won’t be long until the trim on his C8 finally matches.