This 2020 Ford F150 Will Cost You $118,500

Yes, this 2020 Ford F150 will cost you $118,500. This is the fusion of “Built Ford Tough” and “Tonka Tough.” You know what tough Tonka truck toys are, right? This is the aftermarket-laden real-life version of the Tonka pickup truck. And you can buy one. 

Tuscany Motor Company in Elkhart, Indiana, home to most of the RV manufacturers, builds these full-size Ford F-150 Tonka trucks. They’re the same folks that do the Harley-Davidson Edition F-150s. With an arrangement with the Hasbro Toy Company, which owns the Tonka name, you can now have your very own life-size Tonka truck.

The hood now features double air intakes that are functional

2020 F-150 Tonka edition | Tuscany

Based on the F-150 Lariat Crew Cab 4×4, this eye-popping yellow example is typical of what they look like. Besides the factory aluminum body panels, there is a lot more going on with the body. The hood now features double air intakes that are functional. It beefs up the mass of the front end and along with the grille openings offsets the black grille inserts. 

The tailgate is now festooned with the Tonka logo, and those coated step-bars help to yank you into the F-150 Tonka truck. There is a six-inch lift kit by Pro-Camp raising up the Tonka, with 20-inch alloy wheels. Other nifty features you’ll notice on the exterior are the black nerf bars and massive redesigned bumpers. The higher clearance and mechanical mods improve both performance and off-road acuity. 

Everything seems to be slathered in searing yellow body color

Yellow 2020 F-150 Tonka edition interior | Tuscany

Inside, the Ford F150 Tonka keeps most of the other F-150 interior features, just cranked up with the bold body-colored accents throughout. Everything seems to be slathered in body color. But the improvements include front bucket seats, a heated and adjustable steering wheel, LED headlights, navigation, and specialized audio with 11 built-in speakers.

The biggest buzz may be with the V8. Yes, that’s right. Though Ford doesn’t offer a V8 in the 2020 F-150 model line you can get one through the Tuscany/Ford mashup. This is a huffed 700 hp 5.0 liter V8 massaged by Shelby America. So not only is the Tonka version unique on the outside, it is hiding a rare V8 option under the scooped hood, too.

So your grand total out the door is a minimum of $118,500

Yellow 2020 F-150 Tonka edition | Tuscany

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As for price, that will take you a moment to compose yourself. A base F-150 Lariat Crew Cab has a list price of $42,000. All of the Tuscany-supplied and installed goodness adds an additional $76,000. So your grand total out the door is a minimum of $118,500. We warned you about this in the title. But they’re limited editions and the word on the street is that a bit over 100 were actually made for 2020.

Overall, it seems like the Ford F-150 Tonka was designed to have something going on everywhere your eyes look. Even the rockers have those ribs above the step bars. We almost expect neon afterglow under the truck just to get all sides with something going on. But, some like to get attention and this truck certainly does it with the searing yellow base.