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Tesla still has a dominant grip on the electric vehicle (EV) market after being founded nearly 20 years ago. During that time, the marque expanded from one model in 2008 to four full-production EV models in 2023 and the lion’s share of the electric vehicle market. Moreover, a recent study indicated that one of the automaker’s models is the unequivocal most-driven EV of the past few years. That’s right; the large and lavish Tesla Model X has the highest average annual mileage of any EV from the past three years. 

What is the most used Tesla?

The most driven Tesla model in the electric automaker’s lineup is the Tesla Model X. According to a recent study from iSeeCars, Model X owners drove an average of 10,378 miles per year for the last three years, over 1,000 more than Model S owners. 

A gray Tesla Model X EV adds mileage blasting down a desert road.
Model X | Tesla

Moreover, with an EPA average battery range of 341 miles, owners could have covered the annual average distance in as few as 31 full charges. Still, with a typical value of around $76,193, the Model X has been the priciest of the electric marque’s vehicles over the last three years.  

The Tesla Model X is more than the automaker’s most-used model

In addition to covering more distance than its fellow Tesla models, the Model X is the No. 1 “most-driven” electric vehicle of the past three years. Specifically, the typical Tesla Model X drove around 1,319 miles beyond the national average mileage for EVs. 

A white Tesla Model X EV drives down a mountain road.
Model X | Tesla

Of course, the lumpy Tesla EV has a longer range and a much higher price than the average three-year-old electric vehicle. Specifically, the average EV will cover around 279 miles on a single charge and has a value of about $45,147. However, the Model X isn’t the priciest vehicle in the study. The Porsche Taycan has an average value of around $117,484, but drivers also exposed it to less than half of the distance that Model X drivers averaged. 

Along with the Model X, the Model S, 3, and Y secured the top four spots on the iSeeCars most-driven EVs study. As a result, every one of the electric automaker’s standard vehicles drove more distance than the national average.

There’s a downside to the Model X and other EVs

Unfortunately, EVs are driven around 29% less than their conventional counterparts. Specifically, iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer says that Tesla drivers are the closest owners to traditional ICE car owners. “Without Tesla, the average miles per year for EV drivers would drop from 9,059 to 6,719,” Brauer said of the data.


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