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Toyota is a powerhouse in not only high-volume manufacturing, but also in making reliable, practical, and efficient vehicles. The news from J.D. Power confirms that fact, with the brand taking home five awards in 2021. It wasn’t just one vehicle, either. Toyota got five separate honors for four vehicles. 

Which awards did Toyota win in 2021?

Toyota is one of the brands to win many awards from J.D. Power
A Toyota badge | Fiona Hanson, Getty Images

J.D. Power recognizes automakers for their vehicles every year. Typically, the awards fall under the categories such as quality, dependability, performance, and dealership awards. In Toyota’s case, the automaker won two awards in the Highest Quality Ratings category. In addition to the quality awards, the Japanese manufacturer earned three honors in the Highest Dependability Ratings category. 

Although the victories are impressive, Toyota neglected to win any performance or dealership awards. It should be noted that the Toyota Supra could be considered for a performance award next year. 

Which vehicles won in the Highest Quality Ratings category?

In the Highest Quality Ratings category, the 2021 Toyota Sequoia won in the Large SUV segment. In addition to earning its crown, the Sequoia defeated rivals like the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition, and Chevrolet Suburban. However, the Toyota Sequoia got the win over the Chevrolet Tahoe, which had higher scores than the Toyota in nearly every category. 

The second Toyota brand vehicle to earn a quality category award is the 2021 Toyota Tundra. The venerable Tundra defeated rivals like the Nissan Titan and Ford F-150 to reach the top spot in the large light-duty pickup segment. Still, the Ram 1500 had a higher average score, but the Tundra rolled away with the victory. However, despite the questionable scoring, the Toyota Tundra outperformed the rest in resale value by a large margin.  

Which Toyota products won in the Highest Dependability Ratings category?

Toyota is one of the few brands to win multiple awards with cars like the Avalon.
The Toyota Avalon | Toyota

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In the J.D. Power Highest Dependability Ratings category, the Toyota Avalon crushed its competition. That’s no easy feat, either. The Avalon had to overcome the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and Nissan Maxima. It isn’t just J.D. Power that loves the Avalon, either. The latest Toyota Avalon is recommended by Consumer Reports ahead of those same competitors. 

Next, the Toyota Tundra takes home accolades for the second time on this list. The large light-duty pickup outperformed the competition to earn the dependability award for the segment. Considering that the Tundra earned two of the brand’s five victories, it is an important part of the Toyota lineup.

Finally, large families can rest easy with their minivan choice if they pick a Toyota Sienna. The Sienna outperformed competitors like the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey to earn its victory. 

When do the next J.D. Power awards come out?

J.D. Power’s findings come out on an annual basis. Furthermore, for consumers who pay close attention to J.D. Power’s conclusions, the accolades don’t come out simultaneously. For instance, the next set of quality awards is scheduled for June of 2022. However, the next dependability awards will be named in February of 2023. 

Scroll down to the following article to read about one of these winners, the Toyota Avalon. 

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