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If you’re a car owner in 2022, you know about the all-time high gas prices. This year, people have been stunned by the incredibly high price we’re paying at the pump. However, sales numbers don’t line up with the need for cheaper fuel. Instead of hybrid or electric models sitting at the top of the sales charts, it’s thirsty trucks. Even with incredibly high gas prices, three pickup trucks remain best sellers in 2022.

Pickup trucks remain best sellers in 2022 despite high gas prices

Dark blue 2022 Ford F-150, pickup trucks remain best sellers in 2022 despite all time high gas prices.
2022 Ford F-150 | Ford

According to Car and Driver, three pickup trucks remain at the top of the sales charts so far in 2022. Out of the top 25 selling vehicles, there is a wide variety of models. They range from the electric Tesla Model Y (#11) to the classic Nissan Altima (#24). Not only are there SUVs, trucks, and sedans in the top 25, but it’s challenging to find a discernible pattern within the sales numbers. That is until you reach the top three best-selling models of 2022 so far.

Which trucks are the best sellers in 2022?

The 2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 off-roading pickup trucks remain best sellers in 2022 despite all time high gas prices.
2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 | Chevrolet

Firstly, the best-selling vehicles of 2022 so far are the Chevy Silverado, Ram pickups, and Ford F-Series. As usual, Ford is leading the way, with the two other gas-guzzlers following right behind. Although each of these models has taken steps to improve gas mileage, they’re still not great options for fuel economy. Does the average American need pickup truck utility so badly that high gas prices don’t phase them?

Soon, all three automaker pickup trucks will have electric variants. Many thought this would take a toll on the sale of current models that use internal combustion engines. However, the sales figures in 2022 so far don’t lie. It turns out that even with EV models on the way and all-time high gas prices, people still want their thirsty trucks. For example, the 2022 Ford F-150 gets 25 mpg combined, and the Ram 1500 gets 23 city and 33 highway. There are certainly more fuel economic options available. Buyers don’t seem to care; here’s a closer look into the 2022 sales numbers:

Model2022 Units Sold
1. Ford F-Series 140,701
2. Ram pickups127,116
3. Chevy Silverado118,796
4. Toyota RAV4101,192
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee75,117
Car and Driver

How bad are 2022 gas prices?

Gas prices highest in the US
Gas prices at a station next to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on March 8, 2022 | Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

According to Visual Capitalist, the average national gas price was $4.25 per gallon as of March 21, 2022. California had the highest average at a whopping $5.86 per gallon out of every state. This is the first time since 2008 that the average national gas price per gallon exceeded the $4.00 mark. In addition, $4.25 is the highest national average gas prices have ever reached.

“The price of gas was already rising two weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, owing to the increased demand due to the lifting of COVID restrictions. But when the war broke out, the price of regular gas jumped 41¢ during the first week. This surge in prices could add up to $2,000 in annual cost to the average American household,” VC said.

Even all-time high gas prices aren’t enough to deter pickup truck lovers


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In conclusion, people love to own and drive their pickup trucks. Truck fans are known as loyalists and often only buy from one automaker for the duration of their lives. Those who are used to the size, height, and utility they provide won’t switch to another vehicle type, even in the face of record-breaking gas prices. However, electric trucks offer the same capabilities without the expense at the pump. Could the soon-to-release F-150 Lightning be the answer truck owners are looking for? For now, even thirsty trucks remain best sellers, despite all-time high gas prices.