Thief Uses 2020 Honda Civic’s Features to Steal the Vehicle

The 2020 Honda Civic’s impressive fuel economy, roomy interior, turbo engine, and remarkable standard features are just a few reasons many drivers may have invested in this model. The 2020 Civic received many great reviews and rankings, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the compact car. Unfortunately, many 2020 Honda Civic owners have experienced some concerning issues as a result of the vehicle’s electrical features, and in one case, a thief was actually able to use the 2020 Honda Civic’s innovative features to successfully pull off a well-executed heist.

Take a look at some of the 2020 Honda Civic’s most troubling electrical system incidents and find out the details behind the thief’s modernized mastermind robbery.  

A lane departure assist fail 

Drivers can always count on for all the nitty-gritty details. For over two decades the company has been providing drivers with the lowdown when it comes to cars and what to keep an eye out for. Several drivers have shared their upsetting experiences regarding problems related to the 2020 Honda Civic’s electrical features. 

One driver described what happened one day when driving home and the 2020 Honda Civic started acting strange. As the user wrote, “The lane departure assist came on but we were not out of lane. We kept traveling a little further and the steering was stiff. We were traveling about 53 mph and the car all of a sudden jerked very sharp to the right and we went off the road hitting [a] parked truck and flipped it. The wheels just turned the right and would not let us turn the wheel.”

Unfortunately, this Tennessee driver was not the only one experiencing strange issues with their 2020 model. 

Error versus oversight 

A 2020 Honda Civic owner from New Jersey shared what happened when the Honda’s dashboard started relaying a variety of error messages. When the driver took the vehicle into the dealership the professionals chalked it up to a failed module. The driver went on to explain that shortly after the Honda’s tire warning light came on.

Since it seemed normal for the 2020 Honda Civic to experience technical difficulties, the dealership once again assured the driver that it was nothing to worry about. Luckily, the driver didn’t listen. After taking the 2020 Honda Civic into a repair shop, the professionals found a nail located in one of the tires. If the Honda Civic wasn’t battling such a finicky reputation, perhaps this situation would have played out differently. 

A thief uses 2020 Honda Civic’s features to steal items from the vehicle 


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One of the biggest draws of the 2020 Honda Civic is its innovative and advanced features. These electrical elements that were incorporated into the automobiles are geared toward making drivers’ lives convenient and less stressful, but, in some cases, it seems to do quite the opposite. 

In January 2020 a driver from Oakland, California shared his scary experience dealing with the 2020 Honda Civic and the car’s advanced features.

As the individual explained, “The 2020 Civic has a feature where all windows roll down if you put the key into the driver’s door lock and turn it to the right. According to Honda of oakland service center, someone used a screwdriver to activate this feature, which in turn rolled the windows down and they were able to access the trunk latch near the driver’s seat and steal items from my trunk. They were then able to roll the windows back up using the same feature”.

One can assume this probably wasn’t what Honda had in mind when they designed the 2020 Civic. Sadly, this isn’t the only safety concern that the vehicle presents.  

All of the windows of the can be rolled down with a simple feature located on the key fob, however, this feature often goes off unexpectedly and unknowingly. The 2020 Honda Civic’s electrical system problems raise some red flags that drivers will definitely want to know about.