These Prius Recalls Could Be A Major Setback

The Toyota Prius is not the newest hybrid or fully-electric car to enter the modern-car market, and for many people, it was the first affordable hybrid readily available. This year, however, Toyota announced a pretty major recall for the Toyota Prius, and it dates back to models as old as the 2013 production year. Recalls aren’t expected to officially begin until August of this year, so it can’t be that bad – right? Or maybe, it is.

Love it or hate it, there is a pretty major recall

The Toyota Prius seems to be one of the most polarizing cars on the market – people either love to drive them, or love to make fun of them, but not much in between. Besides the fact that people don’t like the overall idea of the Prius and it is debatable one of the most hated cars on the road, there might actually be a valid reason to avoid buying one.

A Toyota Prius driving down the road
A red Toyota Prius | TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images

The Prius recall may or may not sound as bad as it actually is – okay, it’s pretty bad. The recall was made for a whopping 267,000 Prius models between 2013 and 2017 due to a major fault with the hybrid system. When the hybrid system fails there is a backup program designed to put the car into a fail-safe mode. This fail-safe mode will not activate on these cars, causing them to stall and the vehicle to shut off completely.

This doesn’t just happen at stoplights either, it can happen while you’re making your daily drive to work or speeding down the highway, and can cause some pretty major problems.

Toyota is working to repair any necessary hybrid components and update the car’s computers to resolve the problem without any cost to the owner, but for that many cars to be affected is a pretty big concern.

The Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius isn’t a bad car by any stretch, and owners understand that they are sacrificing a sporty driving experience and gaining practicality and good gas mileage. The Prius is a great option for people who view their cars as a method to get to and from wherever it is that they need to go.

A Toyota Prius out for a test drive
A Toyota Prius going for a drive | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

How Safe Is the Toyota Prius?

That isn’t to say that the Prius can’t be sporty-looking and enjoyable, and many Prius owners typically love their cars. The Prius models have grown and changed greatly over the generations to produce some of the best looking models yet, even if there are some major setbacks.