These Old Pickup Trucks Still Hold Their Charm

The pickup truck market is especially unique. It seems like there is always a new model to be excited about like the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 and revivals like the Raptor keep things interesting too. But perhaps what makes the pickup realm even more special is that many of the discontinued models in this category are still worth talking about. Here are a few canceled pickups that represent the charming and the weird from the 2000s on.  

Ford Explorer Spor Trac


There is a ton of hype centered around the Ford Ranger but it wasn’t Ford’s first midsize pickup, the Explorer Sport Trac was. Ford produced this sporty little truck from 2000 to 2010. The Sport Trac was just an Explorer SUV with a truck bed which wasn’t very appealing to those looking for serious utility.

This truck was never one of Ford’s top-sellers but it was popular on the streets for a little while. The original Sport Trac focused more on interior comfort and less on truck performance. It might have fared better if it was introduced today as evidenced by options like the Honda Ridgeline. 

Chevrolet SSR


A blue 2003 Chevrolet SSR in the mountains.
2003 Chevrolet SSR | Chevrolet

If you really want a retro-looking pickup then the Chevy SSR might be the option for you. But, as you can probably tell, the SSR has a ton of quirks. It has a retractable roof that easily turns it into a convertible which is actually pretty cool. Other eccentric features include a funky trunk bed, random cigarette lighter power slots, as well as a portable cup holder. But probably the most surprising thing about the SSR is that its seats are actually comfortable. That’s not something you would probably guess just by looking at it.

Cadillac Escalade EXT


Cadillac’s canceled  Escalade EXT definitely falls under the weird category. To be fair though, this truck had a relatively long lifespan. Just like its twin the Chevy Avalanche, the EXT is a vehicle mullet: SUV in the front, pickup in the back. The EXT was one of the few true luxury pickups to ever exist and was particularly known for its high-quality trimmings.  For 2013, the EXT received modern interior upgrades like a navigation system. The 2013 model also came with a forceful  6.2L V8 engine with 403-horsepower.

Lincoln Blackwood


The Lincoln Mark LT being debuted at an auto show.
A Lincoln Mark LT at an auto show | Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images

Best Used Pickup Trucks

For a very brief period of time, the Lincoln Blackwood was the Cadillac EXT’s main rival. The Blackwood was Lincoln’s first truck and was fashioned as the upscale version of the Ford F-150. While Lincoln’s intentions were in the right place, the Blackwood didn’t sell well at all. Lincoln canceled this truck in just one model year. However, Lincoln didn’t give up on the luxury truck idea.

In 2005, Lincoln launched the Mark LT, the Blackwood’s successor. It was slightly more successful and was produced for the U.S. market from 2005 to 2008. The Mark LT lasted in Mexico until 2014. But not all was lost on Lincoln’s attempt at luxury trucks. The Blackwood and Mark LT inspired the F-150 Platinum trim.