These Classic Cars Older Than Sliced Bread

You’ve probably heard the expression that something is “the best thing since sliced bread” — and we admit, sliced bread is pretty great — but what if there were some cool classic cars that were the best thing before sliced bread? In fact, sliced bread wasn’t actually invented until 1928 (or at least sliced bread in mass-production facilities). That means there are plenty of cars that are actually older than sliced bread, some of which still exist in private collections today.

The 1907 Brown 40hp

For some people, it’s hard to imagine was cars must have been like a hundred years ago without imagine a horse being attached. The most impressive cars back then pale in comparison to the power we expect from cars today, like the 1907 Brown 40hp, which, as you could imagine from the name, wasn’t particularly fast.

1907 Brown 40hp | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images, Getty Images

Early Ford classics

Of course, there are the more well-known options like the early 1900s Ford Model Ts. Though it may not look like much, the comfortably padded seats and the spacious cabin was quite luxurious for its time. The American pick-up truck Ford F-150 might be the country’s most popular and best-selling vehicle of today, but back in 1907, the Model T was one of the most famous vehicles on the road.

Three-quarter view of a 1908 Model T Ford, Undated photograph | Getty Images

Even some electric classics before the century

Electric cars have quickly gained popularity in the 21st century, but they are far from a new concept. In fact, before the turn of the 1900s, some cars were already fully electric, like those created by Bersey, which could be found in the 1890s. Thinking about having an electric vehicle before sliced bread was popular is incredible.

An electric motor cab and driver, London, c1897-c1900. This early cab was evidently based on the design of the horse-drawn hansom cab. They weighed two tons and had a range of 30 miles before they needed recharging. They suffered from various faults and were taken off the road in 1900 | Artist York & Son, English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images

A forgotten name

Classic car enthusiasts remember the great motor vehicle company named Daimler, even if the name seems to have been forgotten by time. Once such a great company that the British monarchy deemed them fit to drive the royals around. It wasn’t unusual to see royals enjoying the properly named 1900 Daimler Royal, though it mostly exists in photographs and museums now.

1900 Royal Daimler, with H R H Queen Elizabeth with Lord Montagu in 1977 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images, Getty Images

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It might be weird to imagine a time before sliced bread was popular, considering it was an innovation so unique that a phrase was coined from its invention. Before sliced bread, there were some incredible cars that were once the pinnacle of engineering and transportation in the world. However, your chances of seeing any of these classic cars on the road today are borderline non-existent.