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Road rage is a crime that gets more coverage than it deserves. But the incidents of it occurring are becoming more frequent. That raises the question, “are there some American cities that have the most reports of road rage? A recent Twitter survey answered the question and might confirm, or shatter some biases about where most road rage occurrences happen.

Which city came in first for road rage?

road rage
Road rage in the 1950s | Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty Images

The survey was conducted by Get Circuit. It broke down #roadrage hashtags per 100,000 people in each city. It also looked at the demographics involved, and some drivers’ perceptions of these types of occurrences. The city with the most road rage reports was Eugene, Oregon, with 500 hashtags. And you maybe thought it would be Florida? 

Well, Florida does have a number of cities on the list, with the first being Orlando, in spite of Disney World being there. But it placed third overall with 273 hashtags. Number two went to Atlanta, Georgia, with 336 hashtags per 100,000 people. 

So Eugene had an extremely higher number of hashtags than number two Atlanta, which seems odd. That’s because it doesn’t have dense traffic or major highways. In fact, old Oregon Route 99 is the only highway running through Eugene. It is basically a two-lane highway. And not to typecast, but Oregon has a reputation for being pretty laid back. 

What types of environments did most road rage occur in?

Road rage
A driver vents his anger by shooting with a water pistol | Charles Black/BIPs/Getty Images

The next three on the list were Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 214 hashtags; Miami, Florida, garnering 178; and Birmingham, Alabama, with 158. All three of these cities have the typical big city traffic issues, which raises the specter of road rage occurring. 

Not to pick on Florida, but it did have more cities on the list than any other state. In all, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale all made the list. If you know anything about Florida Man, then you know how the state could lead the pack in road rage. Of the top 20 cities, Denver ranked 20th, with 99 reported road rage incidents recorded. 

As to the type of person that is prone to road rage, the survey picked city drivers as the angriest, with rural drivers second and suburban drivers coming in third. Another interesting wrinkle is that of women who responded, 71 percent said women were more likely to cause a road rage incident. 

Did the survey look at weapons in cars?

road rage
Venting anger honking a horn | Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty

Respondents were asked what car would a person racing or chasing another one on the road be driving. The most chose Teslas. And maybe the scariest question was if respondents carried a weapon. The survey found 65 percent of drivers did. Obviously, weapons combined with road rage are not a good combo. 

Handguns made up 40 percent of the weapons carried, with knives leading with 50 percent. Tire irons, baseball bats, and tasers were also on the list. Yikes! 

What would the best ways be for staying out of road rage situations? The AAA says to keep a safe distance when behind a car, only honk when necessary, don’t be responsible for changing other drivers’ direction or speed, be kind, and don’t engage.