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American auto enthusiasts have long dreamed about getting the sporty wagons and hot hatches that are made available to other markets. But what about 4×4 models that we do not have access to here in the ‘States? While more and more Americans are opting for SUV ownership, there are still plenty of great examples that are not sold in the US, and it is truly a shame. From models like the Suzuki Jimny to the Lada Niva, these unavailable SUVs mark some of the most exciting vehicles that are sold today. These five models stand out the most from the crowd.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio | Sanjay Pandya/The India Today Group via Getty Images)

The Mahindra Scorpio is an SUV manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra. It is been in production since 2002 and offers some notable features. A variety of different engines have been equipped to this model. And it comes standard with a manual transmission. Comfort features like a 7.0-inch touchscreen are also available.

Better yet, this SUV features a robust four-wheel-drive system. Making it a go-anywhere kind of vehicle that is ready for adventure.

Troller T4

While the Troller T4 may be no more, that does not stop it from being an impressive SUV. Standard features include 4WD, a five-speed manual transmission, and Dana Axles. It derives its power from a 3.2-liter turbodiesel engine. 

The truck was only sold in Brazil despite Troller being owned by Ford Motor Company. There is also a locking rear differential. So not only does the Troller T4 look like a capable SUV, it can walk the walk as well.

Lada Niva

Two individuals work on their Lada Niva in a remote location.
The Lada Niva | Yam G-Jun/Getty Images

The Russian-built Lada Niva finds its roots in simplicity. Reliability may not be its strong suit, but you would be hard-pressed to find a new 4×4 that can be repaired with a basic toolkit. This is because the Niva is still built in its original configuration. 

Boasting permanent four-wheel drive and diff locks, the Niva also offers ample ground clearance. Unfortunately, it is a vehicle that most Americans will never experience taking on the trail.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70

Although Toyota has decided to kill the Land Cruiser in the US market, the iconic truck still lives on in other markets. According to MotorTrend, the Land Cruiser FJ70 is an old-school 4×4 that is ready to handle rough conditions in countries like Australia.

A range of engine options is available as are body configurations. And, because production has lasted since 1984, keeping these capable trucks running is not a difficult task. Which is a good thing, these 4x4s are put to the test on a daily basis. Just not on US soil.

Suzuki Jimny

A Suzuki Jimny featured on a showroom floor.
The Suzuki Jimny | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Americans are familiar with the iconic Jeep Wrangler. But Suzuki produces a vehicle that is just as boxy and utilitarian. Recently, the Jimny received a facelift. And, better yet, when compared to other 4×4 models, it still offers affordability. 

Under the hood lies a 1.5-liter engine and it is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. There is a low-range transfer box, making this an SUV ideal for off-road situations. For those who do not enjoy shifting gears themselves, buyers can opt for a four-speed automatic transmission. But, fewer than 10% of buyers make the choice. Likely due to its sluggish nature.

Will these SUVs ever come to the US?

With all of the complicated regulations and standards of the automotive industry, it is hard to say whether will ever see models like the Lada Niva on US roads. That said, with things like the 25-year import rule, there is hope. But opting for something like the Toyota 4Runner would certainly be an easier task.


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