These Are the Most Commonly Reported Auto Insurance Claims

Owning a car isn’t always a source of fun. There’s maintenance, repairs to worry about, and insurance claims to deal with. If you get into an accident or something happens to your car that you don’t expect, you end up on the long and winding path of an insurance claim. If your claim is one of the most commonly reported auto insurance claims then you aren’t alone.

some damage on the front bumper and wheel of a white Porsche
damage | MotorBiscuit

Apparently, these five car insurance claims are the most common. If you have dealt with a claim for any of these problems you are joined by thousands. And some of them aren’t really what you’d expect.

Personal injury such as back pain or whiplash

After cross-referencing several insurance agencies like this one, I found that personal injury such as back pain or whiplash is among the most commonly reported auto insurance claims. Often, when you get in an accident your body just doesn’t feel right afterward. People make claims to cover checkups and treatment with various practitioners.

Insurance coverage for chiropractic visits is common. In addition, this commonly reported car insurance claim covers doctor’s visits for diagnoses. Of course, if treatment is required for the injury that will also be addressed in the claim.

Minor collisions and fender benders

According to Markets Insider, minor collisions and fender benders account for a massive amount of the most common car insurance claims. Thankfully, these accidents will occur less frequently as more drivers upgrade to cars with modern safety features. Collision warning and automatic emergency braking can be the difference between a sigh of relief and a minor collision or fender bender.

a jaguar with rear fender bender damage on a city street in Britain
Fender bender damage | Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

These claims involve two parties or more. Typically, both drivers will report the accident to their insurance provider and move forward from there. The insurance company with the driver found at fault in the incident will be held accountable for paying the damage repair costs.

Animal collisions and single car accidents

As we perused various insurance companies’ websites for information, we also found that animal collisions and single car accidents are another of the most commonly reported auto insurance claims. In the case of hitting a deer or coyote, quite some damage may occur. In fact, a good friend of mine hit a deer over the holidays and their van was totaled.

White tail deer like these bucks in the snow could cause frustrating insurance claims
White Tail Deer | Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Other single car accidents can range in the level of damage too. From bashing your bumper into a brick wall or cement column to dinging your sideview mirror on the garage doorway or mailbox, sing car accidents are common. Both animal collisions and these type of self-inflicted claims take up a lot of filing hours for insurance agents.

Vandalism and theft

Unfortunately, both vandalism and theft were found on various websites listed as some of the most commonly reported auto insurance claims. Sometimes a car is vandalized by a stranger when it’s left parked on the street overnight. Other times, it’s fueled by mal intent.

A while back I had the same car as another person who lived nearby and parked in the same parking lot as I did. That person’s ex significant other decided seeking revenge on their car was the way to solve things. But they got the cars confused and beat mine with a baseball bat instead. Let me tell you it wasn’t much fun reporting that one to my insurance company.

a man with a black mask breaking into a car demonstrates one of the most common car insurance claims
Man breaking into a vehicle | Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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Theft is also one of the most commonly reported auto insurance claims. This happens to more vehicles than we’d like to imagine. In fact, you yourself may have had a car stolen or know someone who has. All of these issues can cause a major disruption. If you are filing a claim, there’s a good chance it falls under one of these most common car insurance claims. You aren’t alone.