These Are Not Like Your Mom and Dad’s Psychedelic Hippie Van, but It’s All Instagrammable

Many public spaces may have shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped people from finding creative ways to take a vacation. At a time when everyone is trying to stay away from crowds, camper vans and RVs provide a safer way to do a little traveling without the need for hotel stays. 

While some people may choose to buy one of these vehicles and fully commit to the van life, renting is a great option — and there are some truly beautiful camper vans to choose from, Curbed reports.

The benefits of camper vans in a pandemic

Retreating into nature has always been a great way to recharge, but now more than ever there are easier and affordable ways to take a real vacation. Even if roughing it isn’t your style, camper vans are worth considering. Rather than staying in a tent, van life gives you the comfort of a large bed, running water, kitchen area, and many more amenities.

The thoughtful design of camper vans makes it possible to travel comfortably without stopping at hotels. These vehicles are also extremely versatile. Whether you want to travel long distances in style or you simply want to get out of the city for a short trip, you can bring a homey, well-equipped space with you everywhere you go.

It is worth noting that you’ll still need to plan carefully in order to reduce potential risks, as you will not be able to stay completely isolated. You’ll need to arrange stays at campgrounds, stop for water and gas, and potentially find locations with shower facilities.

Why people are choosing to rent


The Most Stunning Camper Van You’ve Ever Seen

Although it may be tempting to go all in and purchase a camper van or RV, and take to the road, renting offers a whole host of benefits that folks across the country are taking advantage of right now. When you choose to rent, you don’t need to worry about converting a van, making a huge commitment, or finding the perfect vehicle. Instead, you can enjoy all the perks of the camper van experience with no major investment.

If you’re planning a single vacation, renting is an affordable, hassle-free way to do it. Additionally, if you do discover that you love the camper van life and want to go adventuring more regularly, renting makes it easier for you to try out different van sizes, styles, and features before committing to the perfect one.

Travel in an Instagram-worthy dream van

Camping gives you the opportunity to find some picture-perfect spots in nature — but there are some camper vans that are so gorgeous, they’re worthy of their own photo op. One of the country’s largest camper van rental companies, Escape Campervans, is a great place to turn if you’re looking for some artwork on wheels.

With rental spots in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, Escape Campervans can provide you with a fully converted van for your trip. According to Curbed, these vans come with a sink, running water, a large bed, a refrigerator or cooler, picnic chairs, kitchen utensils, and a two-burner stove — everything you’ll need for a relaxing camping trip.

What makes these vans truly stand out, however, is their stunning exteriors. Each camper van is painted by local artists, meaning that no two look alike. You’ll be able to choose from three incredible styles: Cartoon, Nature, and Abstract. 

Things may be uncertain right now, but many people are taking comfort in finding beauty in unexpected places. If you’ve been looking for a unique vacation that’ll bring a smile to your face, camping in a gorgeous, colorful camper van should definitely be on your list.