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We are not strangers to the link between films and cars. Car chases, fancy tricks, and explosions featured in blockbusters stretch the limits of what’s achieved on four wheels. The 007 franchise is synonymous with Aston Martin. The last Bond movie, Spectre, saw a specially developed Aston Martin DB10 as the main car and an Aston Martin DB5 appear at the end.

With the upcoming Bond film releasing next year, we’ll see the Aston Martin partnership continue. The movie’s name has not been announced. But many fans eagerly awaited the cars the secret agent will drive this time around. Now, we can say the wait is over.

Which Aston Martin made the cut?

After months of speculation, Aston Martin confirmed which of its cars will make an appearance in the Bond franchise’s 25th installment. The car company tweeted that the Aston Martin V8, Aston Martin DB5, and Aston Martin Valhalla would appear in the film.

Making its first appearance in The Living Daylights starring Timothy Dalton as Bond, the classic Aston Martin V8 will make a welcome comeback. Typical of the Bond franchise, the car featured the high-tech gadgets every spy needs. This one was fitted with laser cutter emitters and forward-firing missiles, as well as a self-destruct mechanism.

The car also included bulletproof doors, windows, and tire spikes, as well as deployable skis. If you watched the film, you’ll remember Dalton used those to ski to safety.

A newspaper that reports on Bond filming in Norway spotted the car filming a chase scene on Norway’s Atlantic coast. Since filmmakers always want to outdo past production, they’ll likely feature even more next-level technology in next year’s film.

When it comes to the most recognizable cars in the world, the Aston Martin DB5 is on the list. This is partly due to how the Bond franchise immortalized the car. If you thought producers would put it to rest, think again. The DB5 is the other Aston Martin expected to appear.

While the Aston Martin DB5 and Series II Vantage V8 are iconic Bond cars, the most exciting news is the arrival of Aston Martin’s Valhalla. Developed with Adrian Newey of Formula 1’s Red Bull Racing, only 500 will be available to the public. In addition to its speed, the Valhalla is a battery-electric hybrid, making it a greener option than the other vehicles in the film.

Aside from the three Aston Martin models confirmed to appear in the film, several car outlets further state that the British secret agent will spend time behind the wheel of SUVs like the Range Rover, another brand that’s made an appearance in past Bond films.

With speculation about Bond cars dominating several outlets, it’s nice to finally put the speculation to rest. Now we can all look forward to the 25th Bond film, set to hit theatres in April 2020.