These 7 New Ford F-150 Concepts Are Coming to SEMA

Source: Ford

Ford has a lot riding on the latest generation of F-150. It’s the first time that a pickup has been constructed largely out of aluminum, and it’s the largest production application of the metal in the auto industry to date. Putting aluminum — often associated with soda cans — on its rugged workhorse sparked fears that Ford has spent the better part of the last couple years working to dispel.

With sales burgeoning, it’s apparent that those fears were largely overblown. But Ford still wants to show that its truck is all business, and for SEMA (that’s the Specialty Equipment Market Association) display this year, it’s enlisted the help of several third-parties to illustrate that the potential for one’s F-150 goes far beyond what rolls off the factory floor.

The seven F-150 concepts will join the Ford Edge and Ford Explorer SEMA concepts in what will be the largest OEM presence at this year’s show. Check out what Ford has in store from its pickup truck side of the business.

1. MRT F-150

Source: Ford

Ford no longer makes a street truck — though the Tremor did a decent job of carrying on the legacy of the SVT Lightning, it’s no longer in production, and with development of the new Raptor in full swing, it’s looking like Ford’s street truck operations may be down for the long haul. Fortunately, MRT is up to the task of offering what Ford doesn’t. It has Ford’s EcoBoost 3.5 liter V6, but it’s paired to a six-speed manual transmission — making this thing more “street” than ever. Other improvements include an MRT stainless steel exhaust, Max-Flow h-pipe and back half exhaust system, Air Lift suspension, 20-inch rims, and a slew of additional bits and pieces.

2. Leer Edition Outdoorsman F-150

LEER F150 R1 Final
Source: Ford

If you live in an area with a high pickup population, you’ll probably recognize that red pyramid shape right off the bat. Leer has been making truck caps for years and years, and it’s going to show its latest and greatest on a special F-150 at SEMA this year. In addition to the truck cap, it’s also sporting K&N air filter, a 6-inch suspension lift, new rims wrapped in big, knobbly tires, performance exhaust, and a host of aesthetic upgrades.

3. Roush Performance F-150

Sema 2015 F-150_blurred background
Source: Ford

Better known for its work on Mustangs, Roush Performance turned its attention to the F-150 for this year’s SEMA show. It boasts a Roush R2300 supercharger system (which puts power at about 650 horses), slotted brake rotors, a lowered suspension setup, active exhaust, and an air intake kit. Naturally, being SEMA, it’s riding on 22-inch rims and low-profile tires.

4. CGS Performance F-150

Source: Ford

CGS continued with the street truck theme for its creation, which sports vibrant red rims and mirror caps, a lower suspension profile, and an aggressive-looking hood scoop that helps the cold air intake kit breathe better. Though it features a Whipple Superchargers intercooler, the engine — save for the intake, exhaust, and intercooler upgrades — is a largely stock 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. However, CGS made up for it in spades with the new look, which is more subtle and restrained than you’d generally see at SEMA.

5. Airdesign USA F-150

Source: Ford

Deciding that street trucks weren’t its thing, Airdesign USA went the completely opposite direction and created an F-150 that’s more repulsed by asphalt than welcoming of it. Powertrain modifications are limited to a Gibson cat-back stainless exhaust and a Vortech intercooler upgrade, but the lifted Bilstein shocks and 33-inch tires indicate that this truck is far more at home in the dirt. Airdesign added a slew of its own aerodynamic upgrades, including flared fenders, hood scoop, bumper guards, and fender vents.

6. Forgiato F-150

Source: Ford

Forgiato is largely known for its large, high-end rims, so it’s surprising to see it take the more rugged approach with its F-150 offering this year — until you realize that its wheels are front and center. However, the package doesn’t stop at its fancy spokes; it sports a Whipple supercharger, some really tastefully done accents, a 6-inch lift kit, and an Airdesign full body kit to tie everything together.

7. Galpin Auto Sports F-150

F150 GAS 2
Source: Ford

General hooligans and frequent Ford collaborators Galpin Auto Sports pulled a seriously retro-throwback with their F-150 for this year, adorning it in Gulf-inspired livery that recalls the GT40 race cars from the 1960s. While it won’t be getting a podium finish at Le Mans, Galpin’s F-150 does feature a cold-air intake kit and exhaust setup, an upgraded intercooler, an Addictive Desert Designs stage 3 suspension kit, six-piston calipers with 16-inch brake rotors, and lots of custom work inside and out.

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