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It makes sense that some areas have more trucks than others. The states with the most pickup trucks are probably the ones you are thinking of, and probably for the reasons you might guess. Plus, the most popular used car in the country? You guessed it; it’s a pickup truck.

Which US state has the most pickup trucks?

The most pickup trucks in any state? That would be Wyoming.
The dramatic Grand Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Lake, Wyoming. | George Rose/Getty Images)

According to an analysis from iSeeCars, the state with the most pickup trucks is Wyoming, with 37.6% of vehicles on the road some type of pickup truck. The average number of trucks in any state is 16.6%, so Wyoming is collectively a pickup truck fan. With 2.3 times as many trucks in Wyoming as the average state, it makes sense it is known as the Cowboy State.

“Wyoming is a Western Rocky Mountain state that requires off-road and all-weather capability thanks to unpaved roads, rugged terrain, and harsh winters.”


Montana is up next with 34.2%, followed by North Dakota with 31.4%. The final two states in the top five are Idaho and Alaska, which paints a picture of the terrain. Drivers in the west prefer a pickup truck thanks to its utility and ability to haul the whole family around. Hop in your Ram 1500 truck and hit the road.

Doesn’t Texas have the most pickup trucks?

Texas happens to sit squarely in the middle with 19.2%, coming in 25 out of 50 states. While people enjoy driving trucks in Texas, the land is quite as mountainous as the states in the top five. Texas has some winter conditions, but nothing like the snow in Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska. In some of those states, you might even need a heavy-duty truck to get the job done.

In the bottom five, the states are: California (11.7%), New York (11.6%), Maryland (11.1%), Connecticut (10.4%), and New Jersey (8.0%) in last place. While you might think drivers in these northern states would appreciate the pickup truck more, that isn’t the case.

Florida, Illinois, and Delaware are some of the flattest states, which explains why there aren’t too many fans. Any vehicle will do in flat terrain, but not all vehicles can make it through snow and rocks.

People in Wyoming love trucks, but people all over the country love the Ford F-150. Ford’s truck has a 2.6% share of the total used car sales in the country. In the next two spots are the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2.6%) and Ram 1500 (2.4%).

While pickup trucks used to be relegated to work duty only, times have changed. Trucks are more comfortable and capable than ever, so the family can come along for the ride.

If you plan to move to Wyoming, get ready to be surrounded by mostly pickup trucks. SUVs might be popular with many people, but truck drivers are here to stay (especially if you have mountains). And even though the world is collectively moving toward electric vehicles, you can find electric versions of the most popular trucks on the market, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning.


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