These 5 Automotive Super Bowl Spots Were Spot-On

Source: Jeep
Source: Jeep

Ah, the big game! Whether you were a diehard fan of either the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, it’s hard to deny that this year’s Super Bowl was one to remember. Even for those who aren’t big football fans, the event does bring along with it a number of traditions and festivities, including the half-time show, and of course, the commercials.

Companies put up some big bucks to make sure they get a spot during the Super Bowl. Millions upon millions are spent on the time slot alone, and then untold amounts more on planning and production. It’s big business for television networks, and exposes businesses to some of the largest audiences that the world has ever known. Literally millions, if not billions, of eyeballs are fixated on television sets across the world, all waiting to be entertained by touchdowns and funny commercials.

This year, companies came through again, with an eclectic mix of nostalgic, funny, and sometimes emotionally-conflicting ads. Car companies were chief among them, with some of the most profound commercials in recent memory. To recap, we here at The Cheat Sheet have compiled five car commercials that we found particularly engaging, for one reason or another. Whether you like emotional, cute, or funny, these ads cover all the bases.

¬†1. Nissan’s #WithDad commercial

We kick things off with a real tearjerker: Nissan’s #WithDad ad. The commercial itself chronicles a family in which the father figure doubles as a race car driver, hitting the track in a GTR Nismo, and ultimately ending up in a crash that he walks away from. Nissan tied the ad in with a promotion that incorporates the #WithDad hashtag, helping to raise awareness and funding for Habitat For Humanity and The Wounded Warrior Project. At the very end of the spot, we get a look at the brand new 2016 Maxima, which looks to be a real standout next year. Watch again above to get another look.

2. Chevy’s transmission failure spot

In a lighthearted prank of sorts, Chevy gave a good portion of the Super Bowl’s viewers a mild heart attack with the ad you can see above. The producers of the spot gave the illusion that NBC’s transmission actually cut out, leaving many to think that they were going to miss the game. Instead, they were informed about the wifi capabilities of the new Chevy Colorado. Pretty clever, although it enraged a number of viewers. But it was ingenious as people will definitely remember the ad, and talk about it, for quite some time.

3. Fiat takes a Viagra

In what was likely the most uncomfortable car commercial to air during the Super Bowl, Fiat really cranked up the controversy with an ad that featured an old man attempting to take a little blue pill (it’s supposed to be Viagra, for those of you not on board), which ends up in the fuel tank of a 500¬†city car. Some people thought the ad was funny, as it was likely meant to be. Other people, however, found the commercial to be creepy and uncomfortable. While that’s ultimately up to the viewer’s discretion, there’s little doubt that Fiat found a way to get social media and water cooler chat revved up about its commercial.

4. The Jeep Renegade goes international

For those with a sense of adventure, Jeep’s spot for its new Renegade SUV likely hit the sweet spot. We’ve known about the new Jeep Renegade for a while, but for many people, the Super Bowl ad seen above was probably an introduction. The commercial is a far cry from the Fiat 500X ad (they’re both under the same corporate banner), but was equally impactful.

It manages to make a statement about Jeep’s new agenda to go global, while also refocusing the brand’s attention on smaller, more economical lineup offerings. The images, flashed onscreen over a rendition of “This Land is Your Land,” is sure to drive some controversy surrounding American-centrism, but for Jeep, it was the ideal opportunity to get the new Renegade some exposure.

5. A Mercedes-Benz fable

Taking a page out of Hollywood’s playbook, Mercedes-Benz gave Super Bowl viewers a new twist on an old story with its “fable” ad, featuring the classic Tortoise and the Hare narrative. As you may expect, the hare (while taking selfies with his friends), jets out to a huge lead, only to get smoked by the tortoise, who heads to a Mercedes dealership and picks up a new 2016 AMG GT S. The car itself looks incredible, and the ad is sure to have found a niche with families and children in particular. It was quite the detraction from the normal car commercial formula, making it one of the most memorable ads of the year.