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Car insurance is one of the biggest expenses that comes with owning a car. Most drivers know that factors like the type of vehicle, your age, and driving record impact your auto insurance rates. What many of us don’t realize is that our home state also impacts our auto insurance premiums.

The difference from one state to another can be huge. For example, if you live in Michigan, the state with the most expensive auto insurance, you could pay 79% more than the national average. On the other hand, the annual auto insurance in the following three states is well below the national average.

Idaho has consistently low-priced auto insurance

This is the third year in a row that Idaho has had the third-lowest auto insurance rates in America. Having a small population is a huge factor in the overall cost of auto insurance. There also aren’t many sports cars, uninsured drivers, and young drivers in the state.

Wisconsin’s auto insurance rates drop

In 2018, Wisconsin had the fifth-lowest auto insurance rates in the U.S. But this year, it moved to second place. The interesting thing about this state’s auto insurance rates is that no one is completely sure why they’re so low. The average Wisconsin driver pays $951, approximately 35% lower than the national average.

Even though America’s Dairyland is right in the middle of the country’s average population-wise, much of the state is rural, and rural drivers are less likely to get into an accident than urban drivers. Another factor could be that Wisconsin doesn’t have as many young, inexperienced drivers as other states. However, they do have a significant number of deer-related accidents, which could raise insurance premiums.

A large chunk of the population is made up of farmers, who drive pick-up trucks instead of speeding around in sports cars. While no one completely understands why the rates are so low in Wisconsin, drivers in the state aren’t complaining.

One thing Wisconsin car owners should consider when shopping for auto insurance is flooding. Several parts of the state are prone to flooding. Since this isn’t something Wisconsin auto insurance companies include in the average plan, drivers worried about water damage need to purchase additional flooding insurance for their vehicles.

Maine has the most affordable auto insurance

In Maine, the average annual cost of auto insurance is $1,058, which is cheap compared to the $3,502 Michigan drivers pay. One reason why Maine’s auto insurance is so cheap: There aren’t many drivers on the road. Lighter traffic equals fewer accidents, which means the auto insurance companies aren’t paying out on huge claims. The lack of claims allows them to lower the premiums.

Not living in one of the three states with the lowest insurance prices doesn’t mean you’re doomed to pay a high insurance premium each year. There are things you can do to lower your auto insurance bill. Make sure to obey local traffic laws and avoid getting any traffic tickets.

Other things that lower insurance premiums include upgrading to a newer vehicle with a good safety rating, increasing your deductible, and bundling some of your insurance plans together. Don’t forget to shop around for the lowest auto rate possible.