These 3 Midsize Sedans Are the Easiest New Cars to Drive, Says Consumer Reports

The Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry, and Kia K5 midsize sedans are just a few vehicles recommended by Consumer Reports (CR). Why? Because each car aims to bring a heightened level of comfort and satisfaction to its owners. The three midsize cars don’t feature advanced traction control systems or complicated infotainment displays found in higher-priced sedans that are still prone to technical malfunctions and software glitches. Instead, these midsize cars are focused on ease of use.

How did CR identify the easiest new cars to drive?

A Black 2022 Toyota Camry driving around a curve, the Camry is among the easiest midsize sedans to drive
2022 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Although hassle-free driving may seem like a common-sense idea, many factors go into its determination. CR states their methodology includes:

  • Comfortable seats
  • Ease of entry and exit of the vehicle
  • Ergonomic driver positioning
  • Good visibility
  • Quick-read gauges
  • Quiet interior
  • Reliable mechanics
  • Smooth ride
  •  Uncomplicated controls

Consumer Reports explained, “These autos boast smooth rides, easy access, uncomplicated infotainment systems, and unobstructed views, among other stress-reducing attributes.”

The 2022 Subaru Legacy is an easy-to-drive midsize sedan

Subaru’s popular Legacy sedan is a CR favorite for its desirable features, many of which are commonly seen in luxury midsize sedans. Base models boast comfortable seating, often overlooked in less expensive cars. The Legacy even includes padded armrests to complement a level of driver orientation boosted by excellent outward visibility due to slimmer A-pillars. Additionally, the 2022 Subaru Legacy also features a Premium trim featuring leather seats and heated and ventilated seats.

CR states the Legacy also delivers the best ride comfort of any midsized sedan on their list, proving itself a worthy contender among offerings from Audi, Lexus, and Mercedes. Judges were particularly impressed with how well the Subaru’s suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and keeps the body steady on various road surfaces.

One of the big factors in easy driving is trust in a vehicle. The 2022 Toyota Camry midsize sedan has enough standard safety features to soothe any anxious soul. Day-time cyclist detection, low-light pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assistance, and rear-seat-reminder systems come standard on all Toyota Camry trim levels.

The Camry has shaken off its unenthusiastic perception with flashy styling, but Toyota spared no effort to ensure driver excitement about top comfort levels. Large windows allow a greater field of vision, and uncomplicated controls won’t distract from the road ahead. CR also liked the cabin quietness of the midsize sedan, backed by the near-silent hybrid engine system providing a more serene driving experience.

The 2022 Kia K5 is spacious and comfortable to drive

This spacious sedan has conventional and innovative features that sway drivers to the K5. The Kia’s customary gear selector, audio controls, and gauges allow drivers not to waste attention when altering the cabin atmosphere. The slim A-pillars and raised lip on top of the interior door panel also make it much easier to close the doors from inside the car, CR states. Cabin comfort is optimized on all trim levels with dual-zone climate control included regardless of price point.

Passengers will delight in the Kia K5’s high rating for rear seat comfort. But those in the front seat aren’t left out. Lower trim levels come standard with the smaller but easier-to-use 8-inch infotainment system that includes wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so either driver or passenger may play tunes. In contrast, the larger screen does not support the wireless function.

Which new midsize sedan should you opt for?

The Subaru Legacy’s boxer engine may be noisy and somewhat slow under hard acceleration, but its ride quality is second to none. The Toyota Camry’s cargo capacity in the hybrid version may be compromised by its battery compared to others.

Still, an EPA-rated 52 mpg city and highway combined will have any potential buyer thinking about saving at the pump. Even though the Kia K5’s more expensive trim levels come with larger wheels and low-profile tires that will spoil the ride, the base model has enough creature comforts to ensure pleasant traveling.

Regardless, these midsize sedans promote driver and passenger comfort that punches well above its weight in pricing figures. Easy driving aside then, the top issue for potential buyers may be the subjectivity of exterior looks. 

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