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Times are tough right now, but many people are still in the market for a SUV. While it’s totally possible to buy a brand-new SUV from the latest model year, most customers will probably choose to buy a used SUV instead. Here’s a look at the two great Ford SUVs that are currently under $10,000.

The two great Ford SUVs for under $10,000

A 2011 Ford Escape SUV on display at an auto show
A Ford Escape on display | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kelley Blue Book created a list of the best SUVs that are currently under $8,000, and surprisingly, Ford made it onto the list. Not only that, but Ford actually had two entries on the list of 10 SUVs that are cheaper than $8,000. What’s even more surprising is the fact that Ford is the only American automaker on that list. 

Asian automakers like Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai dominated the list, as they, combined, had eight SUVs on the list. Two SUVs from Ford filled out that list, which means that Ford is responsible for making better and more affordable SUVs than many of its competitors are.

But of course, since Kelley Blue Book’s list is for SUVs that are under $8,000, all the SUVs on the list are used, and most of them are about a decade old. 

In terms of Ford’s entries, the 2009 Ford Edge came in at sixth place while the 2011 Ford Escape rounded out the list at tenth place. 

What’s great about the 2011 Ford Escape

While the 2011 Escape may be in tenth place, it’s still one of the best SUVs for its price point. This is mostly because Ford has used the Escape as a way to sell hybrid SUVs to customers for a while now, and the 2011 Escape was no exception. As Kelley Blue Book wrote, the 2011 Escape’s hybrid option is as powerful as a V6, while being very fuel-efficient at the same time. 

The 2011 Escape hybrid had a combined fuel economy of 32 MPG, which was pretty remarkable for the time. That said, since it is from 2011, its features are pretty dated compared to what’s available nowadays.

However, for customers looking for a simple and good SUV, the 2011 Escape seems to fit that bill. It can, at the very least, come with a backup camera and a navigation system. 

It’s not a completely dumb car, though, since while it doesn’t have stuff like forward collision warning, it does have a parking assist system as an option. That said, its main selling point is its price tag, which is still well under $8,000.

What’s great about the 2009 Ford Edge

Kelley Blue Book said that, while the 2009 Edge may not have a great hybrid option like the 2011 Escape does, the Edge does offer customers a fun SUV to drive. The 2009 Edge comes standard with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that gets 265 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque.

This engine allows it to tow up to 3,500-pounds, which is pretty decent for its size. That said, this engine only gets about 19 MPG combined.

But of course, once again, since it’s from 2009, this model year of the Edge doesn’t come with many standard features and it doesn’t offer many, either. For example, Kelley Blue Book said that customers can equip their 2009 Edge with a sunroof as well as a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. 

Regardless of its lack of smart features, the 2009 Edge is still a comfortable and spacious SUV. Its interior isn’t that exciting, according to Kelley Blue Book, but it’s large enough to get the job done. And once again, it’s still an SUV that starts at well under $8,000.


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