These 10 States Get the Most DUIs in America

Unfortunately, some drivers still make the terrible decision to get behind the wheel drunk. As we all know, this can lead to consequences much more serious than just going to jail. In the United States, drunk driving is still a big problem.

Since the 1980s, new laws about the minimum legal drinking age reduced alcohol consumption and drunk driving in young adults. However, driving under the influence still causes too many traffic fatalities a year. According to the NHTSA, 30 people per day still die from drunk driving accidents. Across the nation, some states are a lot worse than others when it comes to the most DUIs.

What are the 10 states in America that get the most DUIs?

According to Insurify, the following states have the most DUI arrests in the nation.

10. Iowa – Iowa is one of 6 Midwestern states in the top 10, and 3.52 percent of drivers have a DUI.

9. Nebraska – 3.65 percent of Nebraska drivers have a DUI, and it is also eighth in the nation for traffic accidents in general.

8. Montana – In this state on the Canadian border, 3.9 percent of drivers have a DUI conviction, and Montana has some of the lowest fines associated with DUIs. 

7. Idaho – In Idaho, 3.7 percent of the driving population has a DUI, although this state reported the lowest amount of binge drinking of all the states on the list. 

6. Minnesota – At 3.83 percent, Minnesota’s DUI percentage is well over the national average, and even government officials have drunk driving arrests under their belts. 

5. Alaska – With 4.11 percent of drivers having DUIs, Alaska requires those convicted to install an Ignition Interlock Device on their vehicles to keep them from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath. 

4. Wisconsin – Wisconsin is among the states with the most DUIs at 4.11 percent, but drunk driving-related deaths are going down dramatically in the Dairy State. 

3. South Dakota – In this state, 4.57 percent of drivers have a DUI, and unfortunately, they have double the national average of prior DUI convictions.

2. Wyoming – Wyoming might be the least populated state, but it still has the second-highest percentage of DUIs, at 5.16 percent.

1. North Dakota – Not only does North Dakota have the highest DUI percentage at 5.17 percent, but adults also report the highest rate of binge drinking in the nation. 

The consequences of driving under the influence

Driving after you’ve been drinking has serious consequences. These laws help cut down on DUIs and keep the nation’s roads safer for everyone. The consequences of driving drunk include large fines that can total upwards of $10,000, jail time, driver’s license revocation, loss of employment, and loss of status in your community.

Some states also require those convicted of DUIs to undergo safe driving classes, counseling, and/or have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle which gives you a breathalyzer test before the car will start. 

How to prevent drunk driving

It is up to everyone to try to prevent drunk driving. Tips to prevent drunk driving include:

  • Plan a safe ride home before you start to drink.
  • Select a designated driver for a night out of partying.
  • Do not drive if you have had anything at all to drink, use alternative methods to get home like walking, a cab, or calling a friend.
  • Take the keys away from someone who is planning to drive drunk.
  • As a host, make sure all guests have a sober ride home.

While new laws on the books and better information about the effects of drunk driving have reduced the number of DUIs overall, the 10 states listed above need to up their game when it comes to drunk driving education and prevention.