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The internet has taken to its keyboards to trash the Mercedes-AMG and concept car. Before it debuted, I kept my mind open. Sadly, the car they revealed was uglier than many of us anticipated. It is rough. However, compared to this custom Range Rover/Rolls-Royce mashup,’s car looks like a Rembrandt. in front of the white WILL.I.AMG Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door concept with its rear-hinged doors open in front of the WILL.I.AMG Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door concept | Mercedes-Benz

Money can’t buy taste

In fairness, this piece-meal Range-Royce is in no way a fair comparison to the ugly concept car actually built by Mercedes. This confusing amateur DJ set of a car was born from money and exceedingly gaudy taste. 

As noted by Carscoops (photos here), there is nearly no end to the excessive look of this Range Rover. Pick any quadrant of this SUV, and you’ll find a veritable “I Spy” book of hideous badges, accents, and trimmings, each worse than the last. 

What exactly is this Range Rover x Rolls-Royce abomination?

2022 Range Rover Evoque
2022 Range Rover Evoque | Land Rover

Despite the plethora of Rolls-Royce badges, there is nothing here that actually came from the legendary British carmaker. This Range Rover is slathered in many other cheap aftermarket parts as well. 

Starting up front, the spirit of ecstasy hood ornament is one hell of a good hint that something is amiss here. Below the hood ornament, follow two more Rolls-Royce badges, a replaced grille, various additional chrome trim pieces, lights, vents, and more. Somehow, even a Mansory badge found its way onto the Rover. 

Deeping the chasm of despair from which this beast emerged, there is also an inexplicable fake hood scope donning the “6.3” AMG badge. If you thought a Range Rover with multiple other carmaker badges was strange, wait till you see what the “builder” picked up from Autozone next. 

The sides of the Rover are also dressed in cheap imitation parts. Don’t be fooled by the Maserati-esque side vents; those too are silly knock-offs. Without a doubt, the best part of this K-Mart-brand Range Rover is the chrome running boards leading your poor eyes to the jeweled exhaust tips protruding from underneath the rear driver’s side door. Finishing the motif are the small fender flares and more jewels down the side. 

Not this God-forsaken Range Rover needs any more strikes against it, but the strangest feature is yet mentioned. If you notice, the B-Pillars have strange half-moon side-view mirrors. I presume these are for those rare times when your passengers in the back really need to keep their head forward while still needing to see what’s behind the car. 

What about the interior? 

The Reddit post where this unique RR (you pick which company you want this to represent) debuted neglected to share pictures of the interior. However, through the front windshield, you can see even more attempts to mash Rolls-Royce and Range Rover together, never stopping to let taste stand in the way. The headrests have the overlapping RR that we know as the Rolls-Royce logo. In case someone inside the car missed all the Rolls-Royce fan art, there is also what appears to be a Rolls-Royce necklace hanging from the rear-view mirror. There is no amount of badging one can do to turn a Ranger Rover into a Rolls-Royce.

No matter how you feel about this wild creation, you must admire the dedication and follow-through needed to curate such a strange-looking automobile. 


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