There’s a Steamy Reason to Avoid the 2017 Honda Civic

All cars will eventually develop quirks, annoyances, and, eventually, a full-blown problem. That is simply the nature of mechanical things. Sometimes certain cars were designed with an inherent flaw or parts made with sub-par materials that are prone to failure. When this happens enough times for the same issue, a recall is typically announced. Honda is a company that has a reputation for high quality and dependability. So when recurring issues like this came up for the 2017 Honda Civic, it is a little surprising. 

“It’s gettin’ hot in here…”

Users at CarComplaints have been complaining about a pretty uncomfortable issue with their 2017 Civics. So far, many people have reported their AC just stopped blowing cold air. Many of the AC failures are happening around 60,000 miles. This pretty low mileage for that sort of issue.

2017 Honda Civic
2017 Honda Civic | Honda

What’s the problem with the Honda Civic AC

CarComplaints shows that many of the Honda Civics that had this issue had the compressors go out. The problem was common enough that many people had to wait over a month for the compressors to come for the dealer to do the warranty service. Not really the problem you want over the summer to have to wait a month to get fixed. 


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The more complaints you read about this issue, the more angry people get. Makes sense; heat makes folks mad. The thing most people are upset about is the resistance they got from the dealership to do the work under warranty. Many of the reviewers are angry that Honda hasn’t done a full factory recall for this issue and cover all the repairs. 

Other problems with Civics

To clarify: Honda engines have very few problems typically. Of the 300 some odd complaints about this model Honda Civic engine problems were very few of them. Most of the complaints outside of the AC compressor had to do with the seats and other interior accessories. Most issues weren’t overly serious. 

The Honda Civic is still solid

The Honda Civic is overall a great car and has been a relatively cheap and reliable model for decades. Maybe just give it a good AC test if you’re looking at a used model from the late twenty-teens.