There’s 1 State You Never Want To Get a Speeding Ticket In

Most people know the local roads and highways in their neighborhoods. They are typically aware of the places to ease off the gas pedal when driving their car to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

When traveling out of town, it’s harder to maneuver the sudden 25 mph school zones or 35 mph city limit restrictions that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Missing a posted speed limit sign or flying down the highway at record speeds could result in an unexpected speeding ticket.

Some drivers have had the misfortune of learning that not all states are created equal. Knowing which ones are the most expensive places to get a speeding ticket may encourage you to slow down. Sure, a slap on the wrist with a $20 fine isn’t going to ruin your day, but being fined a few hundred bucks for going too fast is not how you want to remember your travels.

Don’t get pulled over in these three states

Fines for speeding violations are different in each state. One state can be lenient, while others issue a hefty penalty. GOBankingRates recently conducted a study to determine which states give out the most expensive speeding tickets. 

It turns out Oklahoma is the most reasonable. Going less than 20 mph over the speed limit will result in a speeding ticket that averages between $20 and $35. Keep in mind that driving more than 35 mph over the posted speed limit can result in a $200 fine. 

The most expensive states to get stopped in are Alaska, Mississippi, and New York.

The vast lands of Alaska, with miles of endless highways, make it easy to find yourself driving faster than the posted speed limit. But, police have no mercy in the land of the midnight sun and will give a fine totaling $300, even if it’s a first-time offense.

Mississippi is another state where you need to keep your eye on the speedometer. A speeding ticket for first-time offenders ranges between $150 to $300.

In New York State, you may be better off hailing a taxi. That’s because speeding tickets for a first-time offense can top $600. The maximum fine for drivers that go 11 to 30 mph over the speed limit is $300. For the city that never sleeps, they certainly don’t like late-night speedsters.

The worst place to get a speeding ticket

Nevada is the absolute last place in the country you want to be stopped for a speeding ticket. Officers are notorious for not having compassion for first-time offenders, and the fine is triple the amount found in other states.

The cost of speeding in the Silver City is $1,000, which can ruin your day in a hurry. So next time you find yourself traveling through Las Vegas or the surrounding communities, ease your foot off the pedal and enjoy the scenery – at least until you get out of the state.

Methodology used for survey results

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While conducting the study, GOBankingRates compared data by setting the speeding violation at 13 mph over the posted limit. They assumed it was the first offense for drivers and didn’t add any additional fees to the base fine for speeding. They analyzed the law from each state, comparing it to the average cost of traffic violations. 

It’s important to note that the fines listed in the survey are an estimated cost. Drivers may incur additional charges. Also, if a driver is going faster than 13 mph over the limit, or if they have prior offenses, the amount of the fine could be considerably higher.

GOBankingRates used this methodology to determine an average amount, to give readers an idea of the differing fines around the country.