There’s 1 Big Reason That You Wouldn’t Want to Own an Older Acura NSX

The first-generation Acura NSX is a dream car for many enthusiasts and if it ever has been one for you, then there are probably many reasons why. It has a sleek and simple design that is utterly timeless, it handles better than most cars on the road, and it’s dead-on reliable. However, there’s one big reason that you probably wouldn’t want to own one.

Maintenance is cheap, but repairs are expensive

The first-generation Acura NSX was produced from 1991 to 2005. And with such age comes much responsibility, at least whenever maintenance and repairs are in order. Considering that these NSX’s are now selling for anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000, you might end up with a nearly 30-year-old car on the lower end of the price range that is in need of some repair. Fortunately, according to Repair Pal, the typical routine maintenance for the NSX is usually $354, although that can vary depending on the age and condition of the car.

And if that’s the case, then some parts can be very expensive to replace. For example, one Youtuber commented in his video that the simple weatherstripping for the front windshield, which is a part that is typically worn out on a 10-to-20-year-old car, costs a little over $1,000 just for the part itself. Keep in mind that that specific part is literally a piece of rubber that you’ll need to spend over a grand for!

Many parts are discontinued

Aside from certain parts being really expensive to replace, there are many parts for the first-generation Acura NSX that are discontinued. This obviously presents a massive problem if the NSX that you end up buying needs a few specific parts, but you can no longer get them new. The only real workaround for that would be to scour junkyards or online message boards in hopes that the one specific part that you need becomes available.

Certain parts being discontinued can turn out to be a real issue if, per se, you bought an NSX with a clean title and got into an accident. Since many of the OEM body panels are now discontinued, your insurance company will most likely end up giving totaling the car out and giving it a “salvaged” title because the parts simply cannot be replaced with new OEM parts. You might be able to find certain parts on eBay or other online auto sites, but they will likely cost a pretty penny. For example, we found a 91-05 NSX rear quarter panel on eBay for $900. And while that might seem fine considering the NSX is an exotic car, it’s still expensive if you’re used to buying parts for a Honda Civic.

1995 acura nsx
1995 Acura NSX-T | Acura

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Treat it like a classic car

Ultimately, if you plan to buy an older Acura NSX, then just remember to treat it like a classic car in the sense that you’ll need to take greater care of it in order to keep it running. And while we can never fully avoid accidents from happening, just know that if one does happen, you might have some issues when it comes to finding replacement parts due to them being expensive, rare, or even discontinued.