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We’ve been telling you for a year that the Camaro was on its deathbed, and we were wrong. There will be a new one. But finding that it will be a four-door and all-electric makes us wish it was dead. Sorry, Chevy.

The current Camaro won’t be replaced

MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan side view
MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan | Thom Taylor

Automotive News got a peek at GM’s production cycle for current products. Production cycles are a forecast for what each plant will be producing over a certain period. It alerts suppliers and also the unions as to the overall status of the plant going into the future. The production cycle in this case spells out that the current plan will run out the sixth-gen Camaro as is. Chevy has produced this Camaro since 2015 as a 2016 model. 

Replacing it will be an “electric performance sedan” in 2023. What we don’t know is if this EV sedan will run concurrently with the sixth-gen Camaro or completely replace it. Either way, there is a four-door Camaro EV on the horizon. 

Though most automakers are on the truck and SUV bandwagon, electric sedans are far from dead. Tesla’s Model S and the Mercedes EQS are but two examples of electric sedans with a performance slant. And you only need to look at Toyota Camry sales to see that sedans still sell well. 

Does a Camaro as a performance sedan make sense?

MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan close up
MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan | Thom Taylor

So maybe an all-electric performance sedan makes some sense. SRT versions of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger prove that point. No one ever believed that a Dodge Charger could be a four-door sedan, but Chrysler did it anyway. 

The same can be said for the Mustang Mach-E. After enthusiasts took to the internet with howls of protest, the Mach-E quietly sold out of its first year’s production. So done right, a compelling Camaro is a compelling Camaro; with two- or four-doors. 

GM has an entire range of EV platforms based around its Ultium system. Published ranges for power peak a 1,000 hp as with the upcoming GMC Hummer. So power and torque from an electric Camaro should not tarnish its heritage. 

Could Camaro be a performance division all its own?

MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan EV
MotorBiscuit 4-door Camaro sedan | Thom Taylor

2022 Anniversary Camaro Not Happening: Is 2021 The Last Year?

There have also been discussions for years about slowly folding the Cadillac brand into a new Corvette brand. Cadillac just can’t seem to get any traction. This is somewhat due to the reputation it got from the 1970s and 1980s. It has never been able to live that down.

But the Corvette name is golden. So rather than try to soldier on with the Cadillac brand, the idea was to make the Corvette GM’s new performance and luxury division. But there is no reason why the Camaro name couldn’t be tagged onto an entire line of performance. 

So, could this be GM’s first step in fulfilling that idea? Would you be interested in an entire range of performance sedans and crossovers under the Camaro umbrella? Crazier things have happened.