There Is Such Thing as a Diesel Outboard Motor

Many first-time boat owners don’t consider what kind of motor they need for their watercraft. Depending on what kind of boat you have, you might need something with a little extra power. Enter the Oxe Diesel 150 outboard motor, one of the few readily available diesel motors for boats, according to Boating Magazine.

Much like a diesel-powered car, adding a diesel engine to your boat increases its fuel efficiency. These motors may also last longer than standard gas engines because they can handle higher compression. If you’ve been considering a diesel outboard motor for your boat, here’s what you need to know.

About the Oxe Diesel outboard motor

The Oxe Diesel 150 was inspired by a 2.0-liter engine usually used by GM. It’s rated for 150 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, but it has the potential to deliver 664 lb-ft of torque. This is thanks to the unique belt drive system which includes a high torque gear ratio.

The twin belt system also allows the unit itself to be smaller so it can be attached to the boat more easily. Boating Mag also appreciated the low-speed control function, which gave drivers smooth shifts while driving the boat. According to the manufacturer, the motor only uses 8.5 gallons of fuel an hour, making it ideal for long boating ventures.

The Oxe motor is a great power source

Boating Mag was very impressed with just how quickly the Oxe Diesel 150 could propel a boat. For this test, two adult men were aboard a Highfield rigid inflatable boat. It took 7.5 seconds to reach the motor’s top speed of 37.5 mph.

The Oxe motor also bested Boating Mag’s expectation that it would be a noisy engine. The engine is at 900 rpm in forward idle, which testers found to emit only 63 dBa. This is just barely louder than a regular conversation between two people. The outboard motor also didn’t vibrate enough to make the riders uncomfortable.

Handling is good at both high and low speeds. A diesel engine also makes it easier to ride at WOT (wide-open throttle) for extended periods of time. Boating Mag also determined that the Oxe diesel outboard motor is very efficient. 

When driving at top speed, testers found that the motor only used 9.6 gph, which translates to almost 4 mpg. Boating Mag points out that gas-operated outboard motors only return around 2.6 mpg at a much higher RPM.

Potential problems

While the Oxe Diesel 150 delivers exceptional performance, it does have a few shortcomings. The Oxe Diesel 150 retails for around $45,000, making it triple the price of a gas-operated outboard motor. Other diesel outboard motors from manufacturers like Cox charge that much for a motor that can make 300 hp.

The Oxe diesel motor is also very heavy, weighing 675 pounds. Some diesel outboard motors weigh more, but they usually have a higher power output. In contrast, a gas-powered outboard motor weighs around 300 pounds less.

Is a diesel outboard motor better than a gas motor?

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Now that diesel outboard motors are becoming more accessible, boat drivers are facing a tough decision. Ultimately, it boils down to what kind of boat you drive and how much power it requires. Size is also an important factor: if your boat is over 18,000 pounds, a gas-powered motor is inadequate.

If you want your large boat to go fast, a diesel outboard motor is perfect for the job. Diesel motors are also better for drivers that take their boats on frequent, extended trips. Even though the diesel outboard motors are more expensive, the fuel savings make it a smart purchase.