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There Is 1 RV Model You Should Avoid at All Costs

Lockdowns and social distancing have limited access to many favorite vacation spots, motivating many families to consider campers and RVs instead of beachside hotels. Though it might be hard to believe someone would prefer an RV to a hotel, Winnebago saw some of its most significant growth during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Depending on their personality, new RVers can get their hands on something simple or vacation in luxury. However, because RVs can cost a lot, buyers need to make sure they get the most out of their investment.

Mr. RV notes that you should avoid the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane RV

The broad selection of choices can be intimidating when new buyers shop for a new RV. Mr. RV’s 9 Best & 3 Worst guide provides the blog’s input so you can get the most and best features available without getting taken on the price. Along with Gulfstream and Fleetwood RVs, the Hurricane RV from Thor Motor Coach is among those listed to avoid.

The biggest complaint cited in their review is that many owners believe that Hurricane RVs are built with repurposed parts, which is an unsavory thought when you shell out a significant amount of cash for an RV.

The 2013-2016 Hurricanes are the most problematic

Hurricanes have had their share of owners’ complaints. If you’re intrigued by the Hurricane but want to buy used, consider avoiding the 2013-2016 model years specifically, since they had a higher volume of complaints and recalls than other years in recent history. Those complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration include such things as electrical system issues, visibility issues, and suspension issues. The most disturbing complaint from 2013 relates to structural problems; something you certainly don’t want to hear about in either your house or automobile.

Recalls for the Hurricane have included the electrical system in the 2019-2021 model years and the windshield wiper system in several model years, including 2016. Equipment failures with the potential for injury are also among the listed recalls, citing compromised structural integrity of the entry steps and the tendency for the awning to become unfurled suddenly.

Newer model Hurricanes have fewer consumer complaints and recalls listed on the NHTSA site, so they might be better options if you’re interested in a Hurricane or a model like it.

Other models to consider when you invest in an RV

When it comes to providing a safe and enjoyable cross-country adventure, RV buyers have plenty of options to consider. Two of the most trusted names among RVs are Winnebago and Airstream, which are well-established manufacturers.

Founded in 1958, Winnebago offers a wide range of sizes and trim levels to meet just about anybody’s needs. 

They build their RVs to last. Winnebago RVs are known for their longevity. As proof of their commitment to building and backing their product, Winnebago provides one of the most comprehensive warranties available and 24-hour roadside assistance.

If you would rather tow your RV than drive it, one of your best options is Airstream. This company was founded in the 1920s, survived the depression and World War II, and continues to push the boundaries of RVing with innovation and design ingenuity. 

Despite their recognizable rounded shape from the 1930s, Airstream trailers never go out of style, because function rather than style is its primary focus. Regardless of size, you can expect to find an elegantly equipped and reliable trailer to fit your Airstream needs.

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Editor’s note: This article was updated to reflect the specific model years of Hurricanes that had consumer complaints and recalls.