There Is 1 Important Tech Feature That Lexus Left Out of the 2020 LX570

Upon a first and second glance, you might think that the 2020 Lexus LX570 has everything that you could ever want in a luxury SUV. It has seating for up to eight passengers, a monstrous V8 engine, and all of the off-road and on-road drivability that you would ever really need. However, despite all of the tech goodies and features that it has, there is still one important feature that Lexus left out on the LX570.

The Lexus LX570 was updated, but still outdated

2020 Lexus LX570 front view
2020 Lexus LX570 front view | Motor Biscuit

We have spent some time with the 2020 Lexus LX570 and have been thoroughly impressed with the gargantuan SUVs’ smoothness and comfort overall. We especially like the smooth power delivery of the 383-hp, 5.7-liter V8 engine that has proven to be more-than-enough power to get us to the grocery store and back as well as the heated and cooled seats that have kept as comfortable temperatures in the weird Colorado weather.

We were even surprised that Lexus updated the interior with a new 12.3-inch infotainment display complete with an onboard navigation system, a panoramic-view monitor, and a multi-terrain monitor. Our tester even came with a Mark Levinson premium audio system that pumps out 450 watts with 19 speakers and to top things off, there is even a rear entertainment system with dual screens behind the front seat headrests. Both of these features add over $4,000 to the bottom line, yet even with all of that money spent and all of those features that Lexus incorporated, the LX570 still doesn’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

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2020 Lexus LX570 rear view
2020 Lexus LX570 rear view | Motor Biscuit

Keep in mind that the LX570 costs around $100,000

While it might seem ludicrous for us to complain about such a small and seemingly ubiquitous feature, keep in mind that the 2020 Lexus LX570 that we have been driving around costs $101,248. It even has heated and ventilated seats in the second row and more cupholders than your passengers would need, but you can’t talk to Siri, even if you wanted to. Would that be a deal-breaker for us if we were tasked with buying an LX570 to complete our dream garage?

Probably not. But the omission of Apple Carplay and Android Auto could cause a little bit of a stir for prospective buyers especially since you can that kind of functionality on a lower-trim Toyota Corolla nowadays. It’s almost like buying a brand-new Honda Accord with roll-up windows; you can still get the job done, but it’s one heck of an inconvenience in this day and age.

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2020 Lexus LX front seat view
2020 Lexus LX front seat view | Lexus

It’s still an amazing SUV, regardless

You might be happy to know that the Lexus LX570 does have a wireless phone charger, though, so it’s not completely stuck in the early 2000s. Additionally, we find that it’s a great SUV overall for just about any type of terrain or weather condition that you can throw at it.

But we sincerely hope that Toyota and Lexus get with the program in updating their models with Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability because it has been found that 34% of drivers use Carplay for all of their in-car media use, while 32% of users use for their navigation needs. And while cars like the LX570 come with navigation, we all have to admit that it’s so much easier and quicker to just plug in your phone and get to what you need within seconds.