The Wrangler Is the Worst Jeep Vehicle You Should Never Buy

The Jeep Wrangler is undoubtedly one of the most favored and revered vehicles in automotive history. From its military roots to its unrelenting off-road prowess, the Wrangler has definitely earned its spot as an iconic SUV that’s easily recognized by people all over the world. However, you might all be sad to hear that the Wrangler is technically the worst Jeep vehicle that you can buy.  

Why is it so bad?

Jeep Wrangler 4x4 off road vehicle on display at Brussels Expo
The 2020 Jeep Wrangler | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Trust us, that was painful to write. It’s like saying that Tom Hanks is everyone’s favorite nice guy, but he also worships the devil and sells drugs on the weekends.

It’s a huge let down because the Jeep Wrangler is “America’s SUV.” It’s a boxy, metallic shell on wheels that can go anywhere and climb almost anything. And with the right components, from big tires and crazy lift kits to those nerdy “Coexist” stickers, the Jeep Wrangler is basically the ultimate freedom of expression, in addition to being an expression of freedom.

So where does it go wrong? For starters, Consumer Reports gave it a low overall rating of 28, which is far lower than its competitors and its stablemates. The dismal rating comes from a number of factors including three current manufacturer recalls and low scores on their road test, predicted reliability, braking, and emergency handling, all of which are very important when deciding on a new car.

In case you’re wondering, those current recalls are for 2020 Wranglers that might experience overheating clutch failures that can lead to fires and improper suspension welds that can lead to the lower control arm separating from the axle.

Speaking of the suspension, Consumer Reports also marked the Wrangler down for its sub-par ride characteristics. They found that the suspension was stiff and jittery, even on smooth roads, and wind noise overwhelming at higher speeds.

It’s not just the new ones

For both the casual Jeep observer and Wrangler owners alike, unreliability is probably nothing new. A quick look at, in which Wrangler owners list their assorted complaints about their cars, reveals that the Wrangler has had many issues over the years. In fact, the 2008 model year has the most complaints, with issues ranging from electrical failures to “death wobbles” from the suspension.

Is there anything good about the Wrangler?

Don’t get us wrong, the Jeep Wrangler isn’t all bad. The new 2020 model is by far the best iteration of the SUV yet. It stays true to its rugged roots by keeping the same aesthetic it’s always had, but also offers a host of tech-savvy features like air conditioning, power windows and locks, and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability. Believe it or not, driver-assist features like blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross traffic alert, and parking sensors are also available.

Is it worth buying?

Any car in today’s market will have its positives and negatives. And while the Jeep Wrangler has had its fair share of issue and problems, both in the past and the present, we say that it’s still a great car if you’re looking for some serious off-roading fun. However, if you just want Wrangler because their “go anywhere, do anything” attitude symbolizes the type of freedom that you’ve been longing to express, we advise you to look elsewhere.