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Because of its superior engineering and powerful engine, the Ford F-250 has been one of America’s favorite heavy-duty pickup trucks for the last few decades.

Several other auto manufacturers have different variations of HD trucks that have a wide range of special features to offer drivers. However, no matter what the special features that other manufacturers choose to equip these trucks with, they still have a hard time achieving the level of greatness that the F-250 has.

Even though the F-250 is superior in almost every way, there are a few years that this impressive truck missed the mark just a little bit. Here is a list of some of the worst used F-250s that you should avoid buying.

2002 Ford F-250

 The 2002 F-250 had the potential to be one of the best F-250s on the market. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. And the exterior is rugged yet stylish.

The problem with the 2002 models is that there are a lot of mechanical issues that come with this truck. Many owners have had several complaints about the engine. There have been reports that the fuel injection pump breaks, making it impossible for the truck to start. The head gaskets have also been known to cause an oil leak on the starter.

Owners who have the V8 turbo engine in their trucks have also reported an issue with the engine ejecting spark plugs. When this happens, it could cause a pretty costly problem because it could damage the cylinder head which would then need to be replaced.

Owners of the 2002 F-250 have also had some problems with the brake system and the transmission which can also be fairly expensive to replace.

2006 Ford F-250

The 2006 F-250 has all of the mechanical problems that the 2002 model has, and then some. Not only does the 2006 model have the same spark plug issue that the 2002 F-250 has, but there are also extra problems with the motor such as the fuel injection pump has been known to break easily, the radiator leaks, and the ignition coils fail. Unfortunately, this means that the owner usually has to replace the ignition coils, spark plugs, and the coil boots.

The blower motor for the heating and cooling system on the 2006 F-250 has also been known to malfunction frequently. Many drivers report that the air conditioner will only work on the highest setting or will not work at all. Also the rear sliding window on the back glass has been known to easily break making it next to impossible to open or close the window.

Ford was on the verge of making a one-of-a-kind F-250 in 2006. It would have been called the F-250 Chief and was said to be a luxury truck that was going to be equipped with a unique hydrogen-fueled engine. Unfortunately, the truck never made it past the drawing board, so there was not an F-250 worth buying that year.

2008 Ford F-250

In 2007, Ford was in a hurry to get the newest F-250 out on the market. As a result, it looks as if the 2008 model was rushed through the manufacturing line and several key components of the truck were overlooked. 

Many owners have reported the truck vibrating while driving down the road. This is the result of the driveline not being properly adjusted. There have also been reports of the spark plug ejection problem as well as the A/C speed frequently changing on its own.

Which years are worth buying?

While there are a few Ford F-250s that you will definitely want to stay away from, there are also some great used F-250s that are worth buying. 

While some of the earlier models have its fair share of engine and transmission problems, Ford seemed to completely fix the problem by 2014. In fact, the 2014 through the 2018 year models have some of the highest ratings when it comes to reliability and dependability.