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Savvy car shoppers know that some cars present a better value if they’re purchased slightly used versus new. This entirely depends on the vehicle, though, as many new model cars are relatively affordable these days, to buy new.

You may have started doing your homework for your next purchase. If you have an SUV in mind, there are a few models you should definitely consider buying used. The difference between new and slightly used price tags for these SUVs are so vast that you won’t want to buy them new.

The top 10 lists of price differences

In hunting for the next new to you SUV, offers rosters of various vehicle segments and price differences between new and slightly used models. The lists are broken down into pickups, sedans, sports cars, and SUVs and can share data about which are most economical to buy slightly used.

The three crossover varieties with the biggest ranges between new MSRPs and used pricing are the BMW X6, the Range Rover Evoque, and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. How much should you expect to save by buying used over new with these crossovers?

The BMW X6 has the largest price gap of all

The 2020 X6 is all new and offers a shorter and wider stance than previous generations. It has a fresh, chiseled look and style, and for the first time, the grille lights up. Inside you’ll enjoy two standard, 12.3-inch screens, and a luxurious and upscale feel.

You can choose between the 40i or the M50i. But with price tags of $65,285 and $86,945 each, it will be more costly to invest in new models. Instead, consider buying a one-year-old BMW X6 and save over $30,000, or 37.7% for a smarter way to own this plushy crossover.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque comes in a close second

This popular lifestyle SUV, with serious off-road capability, tends to outpace its competition in a variety of categories. The Evoque is stylish and uniquely designed and offers several available trims and add-on options. You’ll have upscale interiors here, and tons of advanced tech and driver assistance aids.

However, considering the price of the Evoque, it’s a model worth exploring in a slightly used condition instead. The high-end R Dynamic P300 starts at $55,800. Buying one of these crossovers with a few miles on it, according to, could save you 37.3%, or around $21,000.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio

New for the luxury Alfa Romeo Stelvio this year are impressive engine configurations and a more robust menu of standard tech and safety features. The Stelvio is a consumer preference in part because of its crisp handling and comfortable ride.

The price points are comparable to others in its luxury SUV segment, with entry-level models starting at $41,345. At the high-end trim level, the Stelvio Ti will cost upwards of $45,745. If you’d prefer to save $16,000, add a 33.9% discount on your purchase of an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, you should consider finding one gently used instead of new.

A few other SUVs that make sense to buy used

Additionally, on this list are a few other luxury SUV models that might make sense to buy slightly used. The Mercedes-Benz GLE, Infinity QX60, and Jaguar F-Pace make the roster of significant price differences between new and one-year-old models.

Buying used with these can present cost savings of around 30%. The BMW X2 and Mercedes-Benz GLA models offer savings percentages in the high 20s as well.

There is some allure to rolling off the lot with a brand-new, fresh to the market model SUV. However, if you can handle finding your favorite crossover with a few miles or one year of driving on it, it could save you thousands.