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Pickup trucks have rolled out into the market for many years. We’ve seen pickups ranging from work, recreational, and special edition trucks. There have also been unique, sporty, and even powerful ones. But, out of all of them, there’s a few that stand out the most.

Here, we go over the world’s greatest pickups of all time and see just what made each of them so great.

Lamborghini LM002-1986-1993

Just the name Lamborghini, alone, makes people take notice. What sets this vehicle apart is the fact that it’s a truck, but it has sport-utility characteristics. The company created this pickup for the military. But, since it wasn’t received as well as it hoped it would, Lamborghini revamped the design and unveiled it in 1986. Its rugged looks are what got it the ‘Rambo Lambo’ nickname.

Powered by a 5.2-Liter V12 engine, the same as the Lamborghini Countach, this truck could run on various types of terrain, including sand. The company ultimately produced over 300 of these four-door pickups during its run from 1986 to 1993.

Chevy 454 SS-1990-1993

Its simplistic exterior design wasn’t what you’d think of in a hot rod pickup truck. But, this Chevy was beefed up and packed with performance. The light-weight body frame hid a 454 cubic-inch 7.4-liter engine. It ran at 230 hp with 385 lb-ft of torque. The big-block V8 Mark IV motor nestled in a light, 2WD ½ ton pickup, like this, meant endless satisfying burnouts for those looking to have a bit of fun.

The 454 SS tried to fill the sporty spot that was missing with pickup trucks back then. While it made a decent dent, it was the GMC Syclone and Typhoon that broke into that market. The Chevy stopped production for this pickup in 1993, but the truck is still alive and doing well in the used truck market.

Dodge Lil Red Express- 1978-1979

In 1978, Dodge revealed the first muscle truck, of sorts. The Lil’ Red Express, was a unique pickup that sported vertical exhaust pipes sitting right behind the cab on each side of the truck. The flashy red paint and the truck’s name accented in gold on the doors, coupled with the short box bed, gave it a look of bravado. It heralded in a new generation of fun pickups instead of the old workhorse ones we were used to.

It was powered by a modified, eight-cylinder 360 engine that could push 225 hp. Dodge designed it to run on 7-inch front wheels with 8-inch chrome rear wheels. This special edition truck only had less than 10,000 pickups produced in the two years it built them.

Dodge Ram SRT-10-2004-2006

You can’t have a list like this and not include the one pickup that inspired the Hellcat engine generation of trucks. The Dodge SRT-10, made for the 2004-2006 years, was basically a classic Ram truck on the outside with some added styling elements. However, it isn’t the exterior that makes it outrageous, it’s what was under the hood.

Dodge dropped in, of all things, the Viper V10 engine to power it up. It ran on 500 hp and could go from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. Those with quad cab would take a bit more in acceleration time, but the point is, they had one powerful truck on their hands. About a decade later, Dodge introduced the Hellcat motor in its trucks, and couldn’t keep up with production.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6-2013-2015

What made this pickup truck stand out was its six-wheel design, luxurious interior, and a hefty price tag. Mercedes-Benz has always been known for good quality cars. In 2013, it released a version of G63 in a sport utility truck version. Running on a twin-turbo V8 engine, it got poor gas mileage, but it did have a lot of get up and go for off-roading performance.

This truck sold for over $600,000 and up during its production years. The rugged exterior design caught the attention of Hollywood, because it had some cameos in popular movies such as Jurassic Park, Beyond the Reach, and it also appeared in Grand Theft Auto V.

Of course, this is just a small list of the many possible all-time greats out there. Each one having something that set them apart and got them noticed in some way. As time goes on, we’re sure this list will expand to include even more interesting, unique, and downright outrageous pickup trucks ever built.