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Car enthusiasts can sometimes take that enthusiasm to strange places. That enthusiasm is sometimes magnified when someone is particularly fond of a specific automaker such as Lamborghini or Porsche. It is those people that the CMOs of car brands love the most.

Why? Because if you’re an automaker and some people are fiercely loyal to your brand, they will buy just about anything that has your logo on it; Even if that product has absolutely nothing to do with the cars you sell. It sounds funny, but it’s true! Here is some of the weirdest branded car merch that people can buy right now.

Dodge gaming headset

A grey plastic gaming headset with a red dodge logo on the side.
Dodge gaming headset | Dodge

Competitive gaming is a billion-dollar industry. Naturally, it makes sense that tech companies would want to get involved and sell peripherals to that audience to capitalize on the trend. But what about an automaker?.

For some reason known only to Dodge’s marketing department, anyone can go to Dodge’s website right now and buy a Dodge branded gaming headset. The product page doesn’t even have a description beyond the fact that it is a gaming headset and it has the Dodge logo on it. We suppose if someone really loves their Dodge Charger Hellcat but also loves to “own noobs” in Fortnite, this would be a great gift for them.

Carbon fiber Lamborghini Bluetooth speaker dock

A red Lamborghini Bluetooth speaker featuring metal exhaust piping.
Lamborghini Esavox Bluetooth speaker | Lamborghini

This is not the weirdest product on the list, but it is shocking in a whole other way which we’ll get to later. What you are looking at is the Lamborghini “Esavox” carbon fiber docking speaker. This looks just as aggressive and unconventional as a Lamborghini limited edition car, so this product has the right vibe if nothing else.

This Bluetooth speaker uses real Lamborghini exhaust pipes to help transmit sound. It also has a monocoque carbon fiber body hand-built by the same people who build Lamborghini’s cars. Anyone interested in purchasing one will have to put up a wallet-melting $25,870 for it.

Porsche Design kitchen knife set

Porsche Design kitchen knife carving set . Three knives in a protective box.
Porsche Design carving knife set | Porsche Design

Porsche comes through in the clutch to blow our minds just when we thought we have seen it all. How much does someone have to be completely in love with their Porsche 911 that they would feel compelled to buy this kitchen knife set? We are struggling to find the connection between canyon carving a GT3 RS and slicing tomatoes for a BLT.

Yet, there is enough consumer data to tell Porsche that their customers will pay $279 for this carving set. It is made from “pure” Japanese 301 stainless steel, so it seems to be high quality. Though, we wonder what a set like this would cost if it didn’t have Porsche branding on it.

As weird as all of this merchandise is, we have to admit that we would probably buy all of it. The Porsche carving knives, the Dodge headset, even the ridiculous carbon fiber Lamborghini speakers! Please don’t judge us too harshly; sometimes, being a car enthusiast means being fiscally irresponsible on occasion. We are who we are.


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