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Most modern trucks don’t spend their days getting dirty, but instead getting groceries. The two-door pickup truck doesn’t cut it anymore for most of us who want one do-it-all vehicle that can tow our trailer, haul some stuff, and carry up to six people in comfort. Unfortunately, regular-cab two-door trucks are a dying breed as Ram just killed its two-door 1500 truck, and Chevy and GMC aren’t making the 2023 Canyon and Colorado in two-door versions.

However, to many of us, the two-door truck is the perfect truck with the perfect proportions.  Unfortunately, there are only a few left on the market for 2023.  

A Two-door pickup truck just looks right

1978 two-door f-100 Eluminator ev truck
A Ford F-100 custom electric truck | Michael Nagle, via Getty Images

It wasn’t that long ago that almost every truck you could buy was a two door. The two door was the only truck you wanted; after all would John Travolta’s Bud in “Urban Cowboy” drive anything but a two-door Ford F-150? Would Marty McFly have driven anything but a two-door Toyota in “Back to the Future?” No.

It was no surprise that when Ford wanted to showcase its all-electric vintage Eluminator truck the company picked a two-door truck, the 1978 F-100. What says, “truck” more than that? The proportions of a two-door short-bed truck just look right. Also, what beats a bench seat with your partner?

Ram just killed its two-door pickup truck

For 2023 the Ram 1500 Regular Cab has been discontinued.
Ram 1500 Regular Cab | Ram

Let’s all bow our heads for the loss of the mighty Ram 1500 with the R/T package. It came with the 395-horsepower Hemi, an eight-speed automatic, 3.92 rear gears, and several suspension upgrades. It was a street rodder’s dream because it was lighter than a four-door and it could handle. That truck embodied, for many of us, the perfect street truck. And, according to Car and Driver, it can hit 155 miles per hour.

But, it’s gone as Ram is now discontinuing the Ram Classic in two-door versions. As we mentioned, Chevy and GMC now only make four-door versions of their small trucks, the Canyon and Colorado.

There are still some two-door holdouts, from Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan

2023 Nissan Frontier King Cab
The King Cab 2023 Nissan Frontier

Over at Ford, the Ranger and F-150 both come as two-door versions, which for 2023 are called Super Cabs. The Ranger Super Cab can be ordered in basic work truck, and even a two-door Lariat that adds a ton of features, like leather-trimmed seats, but unfortunately no front bench seat. You can get a two-door F-150, too, and it does have a bench seat. The Ford F-150 two door only comes in base XL and slightly upgraded XLT trim.

The two versions of the regular cab Chevrolet Silverado are the cheapest versions of the Silverado you can buy. The standard bed version starts at $37,395, while the long bed starts at $37,595. If you order the short bed, you can only get the 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, the 5.3-liter V8 is an option on the long bed version, though it adds about $6,500 to the price.

Nissan still makes the King Cab, and you can only get it on the Frontier, and the Titan. The King Cab has a back seat in either, but there’s not much legroom. But, it’s great for short trips, for stashing some groceries, or for children. Like the others, the two-door versions are less expensive.  

Toyota still makes what it calls the Access Cab, which comes with a six-foot bed. The Access Cab holds four people. The top-of-the-line Limited or Trail Special Edition only get the Double Cab, but even if you order the TRD Off-Road version, you can get the access cab with a 6-foot bed. And yes, Marty McFly, it does come in black.