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There are some pickups that struggle to keep up with the pack. The Toyota Tacoma is not one of them. In fact, its rugged capability and plush trim levels continue to carve out a space for the Tacoma as one of America’s favorites.

Based on how well the Tacoma faired in 2019, it may even be one of the best on the market. It won more awards last year than any other in its class. If you haven’t given this hearty and stylish truck a look before, you should definitely do so now.

The most awarded pickup of 2019

In evaluating the selection of trucks of 2019, the experts in a variety of categories have bestowed the crown upon the Toyota Tacoma. One award that carries a little more weight with consumers is the overall Best Resale Value title.

Kelley Blue Book takes into consideration a variety of details and ownership experiences. The 2019 Tacoma is at the head of its class in an overall cost of ownership review, as well, helping it earn the 5-Year Cost of Ownership award with KBB. The consumer advocates at Edmunds also recognized the 2019 Tacoma and awarded it the Best Retained Value award.

Why is the Toyota Tacoma so popular?

Not a lot has been changed since its redesign in 2016. So, what makes this truck so popular among consumers and in the year-end reviews? For starters, there are impressive and quality interior materials. The infotainment and embedded tech are easy to use and smart. There are six trim levels and a variety of packages and powertrain configurations designed to fit almost any truck-based lifestyle.

The off-roading capabilities are top-notch, too, making the TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro popular consumer choices. MSRP and fuel economy preferences are varying as well, making the Tacoma a pickup ideal for different budgets. Add to these truck-loving incentives, top dollar resale averages, and low cost of ownership ranges, it’s not hard to see why Americans continue to buy the Tacoma.

Consumers don’t just buy the Tacoma; they keep it

Today’s truck buyers are keeping their trucks longer. And, those who own the Toyota Tacoma can in part, because the pickups are still running and performing well.

The cost of ownership over time, based on the purchase price, maintenance, insurance, and fuel, are far below some of the other pickups in its class. This kind of value is driving buying behavior as people are looking for trucks that can perform, but that can also retain value as an investment.

What’s new in 2020 for the Toyota Tacoma?

New this year are a few adjustments to standard features. For example, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and Apple CarPlay connectivity all come standard on the Tacoma. The touchscreens grew a little bigger, and the driver’s seat now has ten-way adjustment possibilities.

Toyota has also made the surround-view monitor and multi-terrain monitor available at higher trim levels. In short, while the Tacoma hasn’t made any significant changes to its design or configuration options, it does keep up with minor improvements based on those features truck owners value the most.

The Toyota Tacoma continues to impress and be a popular pickup for many, despite not having much to add over the last few model years. Of course, the experts will suggest you can’t improve upon perfection. Not that every Tacoma will go a lifetime problem-free, but anyone buying a Tacoma knows they’re investing in one of the most awarded trucks.

When it comes to the cost of ownership, performance, value, and capability, the Tacoma is a home run in any driveway. When a pickup earns as many awards as the Tacoma did in 2019, it’s hard not to notice.