The Toyota Tacoma Is the Only Used Midsize Truck You Should Consider

It’s important to do your homework when shopping for a good used vehicle and iSeeCars has you covered. If you’re looking for a good used midsize truck, there’s only one choice according to iSeeCars and that’s the Toyota Tacoma. For their list of best used cars for 2021, the team at iSeeCars compiled a list of the most reliable and safe vehicles based on their analysis of each. 

The vehicles on their list, like the Toyota Tacoma, according to iSeeCars, have demonstrated long-term reliability, retain their value, and have the top average safety scores from the National Highway Transit Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

The best used midsize truck

In looking at the iSeeCars list, you’ll see most categories offer a winner and a runner-up. For the midsize truck category, only the Toyota Tacoma is listed as the winner with no runner-up.

The team at iSeeCars assigned the Toyota Tacoma an overall score of 8.2 out of 10. It’s the No. 1 pickup truck for value retention and took second place for being the longest-lasting compact pickup truck. Over five years, it has a 66 percent value retention rating which is impressive.

The team at iSeeCars explains that with Toyota’s reputation for building trucks that last, they gave the Toyota Tacoma the distinction of being the iSeeCars top choice for best used compact pickup truck. The Tacoma has a history of high reliability and safety ratings and according to the team holds its value better than any other pickup truck on the market today.

Consumer Reports agrees

The comprehensive data on the Toyota Tacoma at consumer site Consumer Reports backs up the iSeeCars distinction. The Toyota Tacoma has been recommended by CR nine out of the last 12 years. While they didn’t give their recommendation to the latest 2021 model, they still have plenty of favorable things to say about it. 

The team at CR explains that while full-sized trucks continue to wander into the luxury arena, many compact trucks rely on function and the capabilities that have always been desirable in a truck. They consider the Tacoma to be a prime example of function over style.

If you’re a contractor or landscaper who needs a good truck for the job, the CR team says the Tacoma is perfect for you. Tacoma is a hard worker. With its sturdy chassis and heavy-duty composite plastic bed, Tacoma can help you get the tough jobs done, take you on exciting off-roading weekend adventures, and get you where you need to go. 

The team explains that while it’s priced like a discounted full-size truck, it’s worth it because it holds its value well. 

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma

While it may not have the refinement of some of its peers, the latest Toyota Tacoma still has a cult following and a great off-road model for the more adventurous.

Car and Driver says that the Tacoma is a practical midsize pickup truck first and foremost and an off-road warrior second. Many favor it for its off-roading chops and appreciate its popular reliability. Tacoma, they point out, worked hard for its reputation.


2021 Toyota Tacoma: Is the TRD Off-Road Worth $5,000 Over the Base SR?

The Tacoma gives its fans what they want. While the base four-cylinder engine is nothing to write home about, Car and Driver likes the available V6 for its capable performance and towing power. They are crazy about the TRD models that excel in muddy conditions and rough trails. 

In 2021, there’s a limited Tacoma Trail Edition with only 7,000 models produced. It has 16-inch wheels that are similar to those of the TRD models with all-terrain tires. Fans will appreciate its unique grille and black exterior badges. The limited Trail Edition offers a storage space you can lock and one 120-volt outlet in the truck bed. The interior gets black upholstery with tan stitching.