The Toyota Supra Crushed Consumer Reports Road Test

The Toyota Supra was a performance car in production for nearly 30 years before being pulled from the lineup in 2002. Nearly two decades later, Toyota announced they would be bringing back the fan-favorite. Skeptics, however, were quick to question whether Toyota could deliver a Supra that could keep up with the performance cars in today’s segment. But after getting it on the road, Consumer Reports experts weren’t the only ones to fall in love with the reborn Toyota Supra.

Consumer Reports has high scores for the reborn Toyota Supra

Consumer Reports experts were skeptical of the newly reintroduced 2020 Toyota Supra. But it proved impressive, earning an overall score of 80 (out of 100). This pretty-good overall score lands it in the third-best spot (out of 30) in Consumer Reports’ rankings of “Sports/Sports Cars Over $40,000.”

While the 2020 Toyota Supra only earns an average predicted reliability rating of three out of five, Consumer Reports experts predict owner satisfaction at a perfect five, and part of this predicted owner satisfaction is how well the Supra drives. The Toyota Supra earns its highest score in the road test, performing so well that Consumer Reports scored it near perfect

Why Consumer Reports loved driving the new Toyota Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supra scored a super-impressive 91 (out of 100) in Consumer Reports’ road test. According to the experts, the Supra is “wildly entertaining” to drive. Though its DNA takes much from BMW, Toyota’s “unique tuning” makes driving the new Supra “intoxicating.”

Consumer Reports experts praise the Supra for its sharp reflexes and responsive handling as well as its “extroverted styling” and “commendable” fuel economy.

All in all, Consumer Reports gives the Toyota Supra’s acceleration a perfect five (out of five), hitting 60 miles per hour in an astounding 4.6 seconds. The experts love the new Supra’s turbocharged engine, with power that matches its automatic transmission perfectly.

Not just quicker than other powerful sports cars, the Supra’s fuel economy is also competitive, earning an overall 27 mpg on Consumer Reports’ road test. Its transmission, routine/emergency handling, and braking also receive perfect scores, with Consumer Reports stating that the Supra is “quick,” “adaptive,” and “responsive.”

Bringing back a performance icon: did Toyota hit the mark?

The Toyota Supra is quick and fun to drive, but it wasn’t the most comfortable thing Consumer Reports’ testers have ever driven. According to the findings on the road test, “some athleticism is needed to enter the low-slung cockpit.” But even its super-low ratings in areas like front access and driving position cannot stop the Supra from receiving an impressive score. After all, most Supra owners won’t be concerned about much once they experience how it drives.

Something can certainly be said for the Supra’s lack of comfort and even interior finishes, but between its performance and value, it’s easy to see why experts love it. According to Car and Driver, Toyota’s efforts and engineering resulted in the production of “its best driver’s car ever.

Its own experts were impressed further, stating that the Super is “quicker than anticipated.” In Car and Driver’s own road test, the 2020 Toyota Supra got up to 60 miles per hour in an even faster 3.8 seconds, “steamrolling through the quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds at 113 mph.”

Where most automakers make a mistake in bringing back nostalgic favorites, Toyota hit the mark with the reborn Supra. Matching its own engineering skills with the talent behind the BMW Z4 helped Toyota bring back one of the best performance cars to ever grace its lineup. High-performance vehicles with competitive pricing seem to be where Toyota continues to shine.