The Toyota Prius Isn’t That Bad, Except For 1 Annoying Feature

I spent a week in the 2021 Toyota Prius AWD and came away impressed overall with the way that it drove and everything that it had to offer. I especially like the fact that it offered a quiet ride both on and off the highway and even had the all-wheel-drive capability when needed, however, there was one small feature that I found very annoying.

Beep, beep, beep!

If you have ever driven a Prius in any generation, then you know what I’m about to say. But for those not in the know, when you switch the car into reverse, it starts beeping like a garbage truck. But not on the outside of the car to warn others, instead, it beeps on the interior of the car to seemingly notify you and your passengers that you are going in reverse.

Of course, this feature would make a lot more sense if it were on the outside of the car instead. After all, the Toyota Prius is a hybrid and when you coast in idle at parking lot speeds, it’s super quiet. So why not warn the people around you that you’re whisper-quiet and potentially dangerous hybrid car is on the move?

2021 Toyota Prius XLE in Snow
2021 Toyota Prius XLE in Snow | Toyota

The beeping can be turned off

2021 Toyota Prius XLE Interior
2021 Toyota Prius XLE Interior | Toyota

The good news is that if you own a Toyota Prius and want to turn the reverse beeping feature off, you can. Here’s a breakdown of the procedure:

  • Turn the car on to either “IG-On” or “Ready”
  • Push the “trip/odometer” button until the display reads “ODO,” as opposed to “Trip A” or “Trip B”
  • Turn the car off
  • Hold down the brake and turn the car back on. Wait for the “Ready” light to come on
  • Within six seconds, push and hold the “trip/odometer” button for 10 seconds
  • Keeping pressing the “trip/odometer” button and shift from “Park” into “Reverse” and then back into “Park.” Then release the “trip/odometer” button
  • The trip/odometer should say “B on.” Press the trip/odometer button until it reads “B off,” as that selection refers to “beep off”
  • Turn the car off and then on again and confirm that the beeping in reverse is disabled

If you currently drive a 2009 or older Toyota Prius, then the procedure to turn off the reverse beep is different.

Unfortunately, I just suffered through a week of beeping in reverse as opposed to looking up this process from the get-go and trying it out. However, if you currently own a Prius, then it could be helpful to you when you finally get tired of the noise.

2021 Toyota Prius XLE in Snow
2021 Toyota Prius XLE in Snow | Toyota

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Otherwise, the Toyota Prius is not that bad

Yes, the Prius is slow, although, not as slow as the C-HR. However, it does get the job done if you need a daily commuter car that has a fuel gauge that doesn’t seem to ever go down. Additionally, the Prius’ interior is surprisingly spacious and comfortable. My XLE-trimmed Prius came with Softex leather seating, heated seats, and even a heated steering wheel, which was a welcomed feature in these colder times.

Also, it’s easy to get in and out of and there’s no learning curve to get around if you have never driven a hybrid. If anything, you’ll just have to get used to quiet acceleration that’s followed by the roar of the small gas engine as you get up to speed. And luckily, if you do the trick that’s mentioned above, the car will be quiet when you go in reverse, too.