The Toyota Avalon “Goes Goth” With New Nightshade Edition

When it comes to fashion, the color black has typically been synonymous with being “cool and rebellious” and the 2021 Toyota Avalon is looking to be just that. But how can a large sedan that been known for decades as being a plush and comfortable cruiser ever be considered cool and rebellious? Well, Toyota did come out with a TRD version after all, but if red trim and body kits aren’t your thing, then you can take a more sophisticated “goth” approach with the new Nightshade Edition Avalon.

The Toyota Avalon wears it well

2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota
2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota

Toyota has already given the Nightshade treatment to five of the vehicles in its current lineup including the Corolla, 4Runner, Camry, Corolla Hatchback, and the Sienna. The Avalon is the latest model to get the blacked-out treatment, which might seem like more of a gimmick, considering it’s a large full-size sedan, we think it actually wears it quite well.

The Nightshade Edition package adds to the Avalon’s existing XSE trim, which already has a black front grille, mirror caps, rear spoiler, and badges. But the Nightshade treatment adds blacked-out 19-inch wheels, black window trim, black door handles, and a black shark-fin antenna. It might not sound like much, but the dark features do well to accentuate the Avalon’s body lines and give the car more of an aggressive look. Luckily, you can get this trim level in three different body colors including Celestial Silver Metallic, Wind Chill Pearl, and of course, Midnight Black Metallic.

Does this package really make the otherwise subdued sedan that much cooler? In a sense, we think so. And we’re glad it’s not as “in-your-face” as the TRD package.

2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition
2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota

Other Toyota Avalon updates

The fifth-generation of the Toyota Avalon was introduced in 2019 and since then, the brand has gussied up its flagship sedan with a completely new look and a race-inspired TRD package. But for 2021, Toyota has upped the ante on the Avalon by not only releasing the Nightshade Edition but also imbuing the comfortable cruiser with all-wheel-drive grip. It’s the first time that the full-size sedan has ever been offered in an all-wheel-drive setup and although it might seem like overkill, we think that consumers in snow states will welcome the added traction.

Additionally, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid gets a new battery in the form of lithium-ion as opposed to nickel-metal hydride and Toyota also added a new Vehicle Approach Noise system to the car. This new system alerts nearby pedestrians of the car’s presence at low speeds when it’s in pure “EV mode.”

2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota
2020 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition | Toyota

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A new take on an old favorite

While most sedan shoppers might not currently have the Toyota Avalon in mind when it comes to looking for viable people-hauling options, they should probably take a closer look. What was once a sedate and cushy cruising car now packs a healthy dose of attitude with this new package. The new Avalon updates, coupled with a low starting price of around $35,000, should make it a worthy competitor to others in its class.