The Top Acura TSX Problems Owners Complain About

The Acura TSX has come a long way since the vehicle’s initial release. The Acura TSX is well-known for bringing affordable luxurious car options to drivers everywhere. Over the years, many models have impressed consumers and established a remarkable reputation on the road.

However, with time, the vehicles started to show signs of distress. Owners and drivers began coming forward with complaints and concerns. Take a look at the top three problems reported by owners.

Where did the complaints and problems begin for Acura TSX owners? 

Generation after generation, Acura TSX models have shown drivers what luxury is all about. However, the popular brand eventually hit a bump in the road. In 2004 a string of owners began to notice a common problem with the Acura TSX models.

One distraught owner shared, “the car began shifting rough, especially if you had slowed down and in try to return to speed.” The issue seemed to be linked back to the transmission, and luckily, drivers do have solutions when facing this particular problem.

Though it is a fixable issue, drivers must be cautious when addressing it. Owners who experienced this malfunction also expressed that a simple repair won’t do the job. In fact, owners and drivers will most likely waste money by pursuing repair. In this case, replacing the transmission totally is the key to taking care of the troubling problem. $3,000 is the estimated cost drivers spent when seeking a solution. 

Transmission failure in the 2005 Acura TSX

2004 foreshadowed the transmission problems TSX owners would be forced to face the following year. The 2005 Acura TSX model was also targeted for experiencing transmission failure. This particular issue was ranked as the third-largest problem for Acura TSX owners and drivers.

One upset driver posted, “the trans started whining and one day went into reverse roughly. I knew something was up and immediately changed the fluid with factory OEM Honda approved fluid. Less than a month later the whine got worse and it won’t shift into gears until you let off gas, it will just rev in neutral then click into a gear.”

Unfortunately, this driver wasn’t alone. The transmission failure plagued the 2005 Acura TSX models and forced many drivers to spend money on costly repairs. On average, the estimated price to fix this problem was about $2,000.

Power steering failure is reported at the No. 1 problem

After 2005, the Acura TSX did an excellent job of keeping drivers and customers pleased. Unfortunately in 2012, Acura TSX owners once again found their cars and safety in compromising positions due to defects with the model. This time, power steering failure was at the root of the problem and complaints being reported by Acura TSX owners.

In regard to the concerning issue, a driver from Maryland shared, “when driving on local road suddenly lost power steering and warning light came on dashboard, was a close call.”

Many other TSX owners shared stories similar to this. When fixing this issue, drivers and owners can expect to spend around $1,150. It’s easy to understand why and how this problem was ranked as the most severe problem for TSX drivers.

Acura TSX models have a good reputation, but the models are by no means perfect. These are just a few of the most troubling issues that have surfaced over the years. Hopefully, by staying up-to-date, Acura TSX owners can make sure to take care of any potential problems.